The Clonliffe 2

(Above: Clonliffe 2 Glasnevin 1930`s)




The Clonliffe 2 Mile Road Race is the oldest continuous Road Race in Ireland and one of the oldest in the world. The race commenced in 1891 as a club race, soon to become an Invitational Race, over a distance of a mile and three quarters and eventually a Two Mile Race. The event caters for elite athletes as well as fun and social runners with prizes for the fastest men and women, juniors and masters, as well as the ever popular Clonliffe 2 t. shirt for all participants. The 132nd Clonliffe 2 took place on Sunday October 22nd 2023.


2023 Clonliffe 2: 1st Cathal Doyle (Clonliffe), 2nd Mitchell Byrne (Rathfarnham) no. 18, 3rd Shane Bracken (Swinford) no. 268- Glasnevin 22/10/23


The Clonliffe 2 is the oldest Club roadrace in the world. Over the years the race has been held at several North Dublin venues, the initial route was at the Halfway House, Ashtown near the Phoenix Park with the runners heading back into the city to the finish at the corner of Charleville Road in Phibsborough which was a distance of 2 miles 297 yards. In 1899 the race went to a course which brought the race distance down to 1.5 miles running from Santry to Millmount Avenue in Drumcondra. In 1901 the 2 mile distance was established with the race being running along what is now termed the “traditional 2 mile route” which ran from Flood’s Public House in Finglas Village finishing at the 4 o’clock gate at Glasnevin Cemetery, beside “The Gravediggers” licensed premises where the race remained for a long number of years.

Those early pre first war years were dominated by Frank Ryder who had an unbroken 12 year winning streak from 1908 to 1919 which included the then course record of 8 minutes 34 seconds, that course record remained for 36 years until it was bettered by J. McGuigan who lowered the course record to 8 minutes 24 seconds in 1948, a course record which remains unbroken. The race was then held in Santry, at a course at the back of the Airport in the 1970’s right up to the mid 1980’s when in the Club’s Centenary Year of 1986 the race reverted back, on a one off basis, to the traditional course finishing at “The Gravediggers”. That one off on the traditional route remained for another 25 or so before the race came back to Santry to it’s current course starting and finishing on the track. to mark the 130th running of the race the course reverts to Glasnevin for 2020.

(Pictured, 1991, the 100th Clonliffe 2)

Famed winners over the years have included, in 1901 Joe Deakin, Clonliffe’s only Olympic Gold Medalist, he was a member of the Great Britain Team that won the 3 Mile Team Race at the London 1908 Olympics; Frank White, a member of Avondale when he won on two occasions, in 1955 and 1957, in 1958 Frank ran in the Albie Thomas 2 Mile World Record Race on the track in Santry (Frank of course subsequently joined Clonliffe Harriers serving the Club with distinction as an athlete and administrator). In the 1960’s the race was dominated by athletes from Donore Harriers, Mick Connolly, Tom O’Riordan, Jim McNamara and Eddie Spillane, who between them won every Clonliffe 2 that particular decade. From the 1970 onwards however the race has been dominated by Clonliffe Harriers, with 18 year old Tom Cregan breaking the Donore strong hold winning the 1970 race in 9 minutes and 9 seconds, other Clonliffe winners including Des McCormack in 1972, European silver medalist Frank Murphy in 1973, 1974 and 1975, sub 4 minute miler Eugene Curran in 1984, Clonliffe Olympians Jerry Kiernan in 1976, Niall Bruton in 1990, National Cross Country Champions Noel Cullen and Sergiu Ciobanu. The most recent “home” winner of the Clonliffe 2 was Ian Guiden in 2014.

For a history by Dominic Branigan click: INVITATION RACE HISTORY


The 2024 Clonliffe 2 will take place in Glasnevin on TBC

Course Map:

Race sponsor:

The Clonliffe 2 had formally been run on the “traditional” point to point route from underneath the iron pedestrian bridge at Finglas Village heading down the Finglas to Glasnevin Road turning into Prospect Square where the race finished at Kavanaghs ‘The Gravediggers’. Clonliffe Harriers are indebted to our race sponsor Mr. Eugene Kavanagh (RIP) of ‘The Gravediggers’ and the Kavanagh family who have been sponsoring this race since 1986.



The next Clonliffe 2 takes place on TBC

Entry Details:

€15.00 seniors


The Race Director is Mick Kearney and his contact mobile number is 087 624 3843.

Winners of the Clonliffe 2:

2023 – Cathal Doyle (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.46 Venue Glasvevin Hill to the “Grave Diggers”

2022 – Kieran Kelly (Raheny) 9.10 Venue Glasnevin Hill to “The Grave Diggers”

2021 – Hiko Tonosa (DSD) 8.54 (Santry Course Record) 

2020 – Colm Rooney (Clonliffe) 9.15 Venue Morton Stadium (Covid 19:  Time Trial on track, confined to Clonliffe members)

2019 – Andrew Coscoran (Star of the Sea)  9.13 Venue: Santry

2018 – Peter Somba (DunboyneAC) 9.22 Venue: Santry

2017 – John Coghlan (MSB) 9.15 Venue: Santry

2016 – Peter Brandon Somba (Dunboyne AC) 9.35 Venue: Santry

2015 – Tom Fitzpatrick (Tallaght AC)  9.05 Venue: Santry

2014- Ian Guiden (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.17 Venue: Santry

2013- Darragh Greene (Dunleer AC) 9.28 Venue: Santry

2012-John Travers (Donore Harriers) 8.56

2011-David Fitzmaurice (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.04

2010-Paul Flemming (Rathfarnham) 9.20

2009-Aidan Bailey (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.20

2008-Paul Flemming (Rathfarnham) 9.36

2007-Sergiu Ciobanu (Clonliffe Harriers) 10.33 (variation of course route used)

2006-David Byrne (Tallaght AC) 9.23

2005-Paul McNamara (Athenry AC) 9.16

2004-Paul Flemming (Rathfarnham) 9.12

2003-Isaac Kimuge (Kenya)

2002-Killian Lonergan (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.44

1995-Noel Cullen (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.50

1992- Noel Cullen (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.32

1991- D. Wilson (Annadale) 8.41

1990- Niall Bruton (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.42

1989- B. Downey (Kildare) 8.48

1987- Richard Mulligan (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.33

1985- Billy Horgan (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.45

1984- Eugene Curran (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.56

1983- N. Byrne (Donore Harriers) 8.51

1981- Noel Harvey (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.40

1979 – Eamonn Tierney (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.48 

1976- Jerry Kiernan (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.39

1975- Frank Murphy jnr (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.55

1974- Frank Murphy jnr (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.58

1973- Frank Murphy jnr (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.04

1972- Des McCormack (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.10

1971- J. O`Reilly (Annadale) 9.06

1970- Tom Gregan (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.09

1969- Eddie Spillane (Donore Harriers) 8.51

1968- Jim McNamara (Donore Harriers) 9.01

1967- Jim McNamara (Donore Harriers) 9.12

1966- Tom O`Riordan (Donore Harriers) 8.57

1965- Jim McNamara (Donore Harriers) 9.03

1964- Jim McNamara (Donore Harriers) 9.06

1963- Tom O`Riordan (Donore Harriers) 8.54

1962- Tom O`Riordan (Donore Harriers) 8.53

1961- Mick Connolly (Donore Harriers) 8.57

1960- Mick Connolly (Donore Harriers) 9.18

1959- J. McLoughlin (Donore Harriers) 9.19

1958- Bertie Messitt (Donore Harriers) 9.03

1957- Frank White (Annadale) 9.08

1956- P. Melhorn (Civil Service) 9.07

1955- Frank White (Annadale) 9.11

1954- J. Dougan (Donore Harriers) 8.26

1953- J. Dougan (Donore Harriers) 8.27

1952- J. Dougan (Donore Harriers) 8.34

1949- J. McGuigan (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.31

1948- J. McGuigan (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.24

1947- J. McGuigan (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.35

1946- W. Powell (Dublin University) 8.50

1945- P. Haughey (Brownstown) 8.59

1943- E. Jones (Civil Service) 8.45

Clonliffe 2 1940

(Pictured: Start of Clonliffe 2 Mile 1940`s heading out of Glasnevin)

1938- E. Jones (Civil Service) 8.56

1936- J.J.O`Connor (Fearons) 8.38

1925- G. N. Walker (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.44

1924- C. C. Walker (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.53

1923- P. O`Callaghan (Harps A and CC) 8.46

1922- J. Conaghan (DCH) 8.38

1920- B. H. Bingham (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.54

1919- F.J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.46

1918- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.06

1917- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.36

1916- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.45

1915- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.01

1914- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.44

1913- F.J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.45

1912- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.34 (Course Record)

1911- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.43

1910- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 843

1909- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.38

1908- F. J. Ryder (Clonliffe Harriers) 8.41

1907- F. J. Buckley (Haddington Harriers)

1903- H. Muldoon (Haddington Harriers)

1901- J. E. Deakin (Clonliffe Harriers) 9.01

1900- F. Curtis (Haddington Harriers)

1899- F. Curtis (Haddington Harriers)

1898- P. J. Lonergan (Clonliffe Harriers)

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