The Farren Cup, come back home..

Important message to all Clonliffe Harriers members and past members. We need you to have a look in your attic, under the stairs, in your garage or shed. The Farren cup is missing. This cup was presented by the Faeeren family for one of the old club races going back probably to the best part of 75 years ago. The Farren cup was presented to the winner of the club point to point race. Many past members of the club would have ran in that race over the years. Unfortunately in the 1990s the cup disappeared – no doubt whoever won the cup quite innocently put it to one side and has forgotten completely that it is in their possession. The club would like to have the cup back at this stage, we would like to have the revival of the race but need the return of the cup before this can take place. Please have a look over the course of the coming days when you have a bit of spare time. If you have any information do not contact the gardai but instead contact John O’Leary 0876733137.