The Nationals are coming home!

Clonliffe Harriers will host the national cross country championships in Santry on Sunday, November 21. This is the first time the nationals have returned back to Santry since the opening of the national cross country circuit in Abbottstown. With the European cross-country Championships set for Abbottstown on December 12 European regulations do not allow the holding of national championships on the same course and as a consequence Clonliffe are honoured to host the 2021 Nationals.

Clonliffe have already liaised with Fingal County Council who as always are supportive and have confirmed permission for the use of Santry Park for the event. The hosting of the National’s however does mean that once again the club is calling upon our members, who will not be competing on the day, to lend their support by rolling up their sleeves and helping out on the eve and on the day of the nationals. As always please do not assume that someone else will answer the call. It is important that all bear in mind that the core group who put together these events will have other duties to attend to on the day i.e. looking after teams whom they coach. It is time therefore for others to say: ‘I can and I will’. Although it is some seven weeks away time moves on and we are therefore asking that you commit now to helping out, please email today with your name and contact details. Jobs are guaranteed for all!