Tony Kiernan wins ‘Farren Cup’

Congratulations to Tony Kiernan on his victory in Round 2 of the 2006 Grand Prix Series when he took victory in the 6K “Farren Cup” at Santry on Saturday the 4th of March and also to Philip O’Doherty who finished 2nd to take the overall lead in the Series.

For whatever reason the turn out for this race was to say the least pitiful with only 16 people (five of whom are not even members) supporting this club race. Indeed generally the entry to this years Grand Prix Series has been exceptionally disappointing, with only 25 people to date signing up, this is in comparison with almost 60 taking part in last years Series. The lack of support, from all sections of the club, is extremely worrying and the organisers are concerned for the future of this Grand Prix Series. Hopefully Club members will demonstrate their support by joining the Series in time for Round 3, the McDonald Cup, a 4 Mile race on the track, to be held on the 6th of April.

In addition to the lack of athletes taking part there was also a complete lack of race officials, again a worrying trend in that traditionally people taking part in the Grand Prix who are not running would have turned out to officiate and help out their colleagues. It was only thanks to the generosity of Pat Healy in turning out to officiate for the second race in a row, that Saturday’s “Farren Cup” took place at all when he stepped into the breach assisted by young Jack Fay and Paddy Tuite.

The race itself started in the car park at Santry Demesne heading “point to point” to the bridge at The Crown Plaza Hotel, involving the athletes running on both the road and cross country, exiting the gate from the park, turning right down the roadway and turning right again back down the Swords Road, past the Stadium and back into Santry Demesne carpark, there were three full laps plus a smaller loop in the park to make up the requisite distance.

Being an open handicap the race was started on a staggered basis, first away was Raheny’s Tony Westby. The runners were sent on their way until finally scratch man David Brennan was “released”.

The handicapper got things almost perfectly right in that for the smaller loop in the park towards the end of the race there was a stream of athletes the whole field almost coming together, Tony Kiernan however having taken over the lead was not to be denied to win and take 20 points. Philip O’Doherty, after a storming run from the rear of the field came through to take 2nd place. 3rd was John Fay. Fastest man of the day was David Brennan.

The full result of the Farren Cup was:

1. Tony Kiernan (actual time 26:56) – 20 pts.

2. Philip O’Doherty (21:10) – 19 pts.

3. John Fay (26:49) – 18 pts.

4. Noel Guiden (22:36) 17 pts.

5. Maurice McCrohan (21:56) – 16 pts.

6. Ray McConville (27:35) – 15 pts.

7. Stephen Byrne (22:33) – 14 pts.

8. David Brennan (21:07) – 13 pts.

9. Pat Bonass (25:14) – 12 pts.

10. Martin Tully (23:26) – 11 pts.

11. Tony Westby (29:39) – 10 pts.

12. Eddie Harrison (24:28) – 9 pts.

13. Jim Bennett (26:24) – 8 pts.

14. Shay Byrne (25:42) – 7 pts.

15. Dave Brady (27:44) – 6 pts.

16. Pat Devitt (26:35) – 5 pts.

Heading into Round 3 the Series is now led by Philip O’Doherty who will wear the yellow jersey in the Morton Stadium on the 6th of April. Full leader board to follow.