Training in Trinity Sports Grounds

With sincere thanks to TCD Clonliffe Harriers cross country training at Trinity Sports Grounds on Santry Avenue returns once again tomorrow Tuesday the 19th. Clonliffe Harriers are most grateful to Trinity Sport for facilitating us.

The conditions attaching to use of this superb facility which every athlete and coach must adhere to are:

Clonliffe time is Tuesday and Thursdays 7 PM to 8:30 PM only – please vacate by 8:30 PM.
We are not permitted to be on the football pitches. This means no cutting corners onto the pitch, no strides on the pitch and no stretching or exercising whatsoever on the pitch. In a nutshell STAY OFF THE PITCHES !!!
Beware of GAA training if there is GAA training going on in a particular area just avoid your athletes running through that particular area.
Can all training groups run in the same direction and basically using the same route rather than to be crossing over one another and risking a collision.