Walk right back to happiness….

For the first time in two years the Walker Cup is back! On Thursday of next week October 21st the Walker Cup, club 4 mile returns for the 54th time.The Walker Cup is one of the Clubs most prestigious races having been donated by the Walker Family back in 1966. 

The Walkers association with the club goes back over 125 years to 1893 when George Frazer Walker joined the fledgling club, then only 7 years in existence. Two years later George was on the first Clonliffe team to win a National Cross Country, the junior title. George was then club president in 1902, 07 and 09. The Walker lineage continued with his four sons all running for the club, three of them, George, Charles and Albert won the National Cross Country team tile in 1925. George’s son was Frazer Walker also a National Cross Country winner with Clonliffe (the 3rd generation) in 1953. Frazer’s brother Reggie served as assistant club sectary at the side of Billy Morton during the 1950s/60s. Although sadly the family connection has come to an end, it is fitting that the Walker Cup and the Walker Family and their contribution to Clonliffe are remembered with this prestigious race.

The race is a 4 mile track race, starting at 8.00pm. The race is a sealed handicap. Entry is now open, confined to club members, by email only to events.clonliffeharriersac@gmail.com . Coaches are asked to enter athletes with their names, predicted times and (hopefully for the last time) contact phone numbers. Entry will close on Tuesday the 19th at 2.00pm. No late entries.