Walker Cup comes home tomorrow at 8.00

Back in 1966 England won the World Cup and ever since then football has been coming home, without actually making it through the hall door! Also in 1966 the first Walker Cup was ran in the then Santry Stadium and over the following 55 years, save the Covid hit 2020, it has come home every year. Tomorrow, the 21st, at 8 PM after the one-year absence the Walker Cup 4 mile track race comes home to Morton Stadium.

There is a very good entry for the race with several of the cross-country men using the race as part of the preparations for the Dublin cross country which will take place at Trinity Sports Grounds on October 31.

Start list:

Sean O’Leary
Ben Guiden
Sean Doran
Declan Power

Karl Nolan

Stephen Cashin
Mark McDonald
Darren O’Dwyer
Ian McAlweeney 
Thomas Balthazar
Gareth Loy
David Dunwoody
Ray Dunne 
Declan Grant
Murray Ahern
Kevin Dowling
Tom Monks
Emma Dunne 
Laura Kernan
Vanessa Fenton
Declan Murray
Patrick Devitt
Shay Byrne
Colm Doran

The Walker Cup is a sealed handicap, hopefully we can make the presentation to the winner of the handicap as soon as possible after the race, trackside. In addition there will be a prize for the 1st man and woman across the line. Officials are requested to report at 7:30 PM.

Important information:

Do not attend if you have had Covid 19 within the previous 14 days.

Do not attend if you or a member of your household is waiting for the results of a Covid test.

Do not attend if you have flu like symptoms or symptoms of Covid 19. Do not attend if you have been in contact with any person diagnosed with Covid 19 within the past 14 days.

Advice for athletes:

Do not concrete in numbers for warm up, do warms in small groups, pairs or solo.

Please bring hand sanitiser and your own clearly identified drinks bottle.

Do not share any drinks.

Please please refrain from spitting.

Please no physical contact, no handshakes, no high-fives, no hugs (try to restrain yourself!).

Remain lined up after the race so that the officials can record your name.

Do not approach officials looking for your finishing time (this will be published on the club website that night)

Presentation will be made at the finish.