Will Leer says Morton Games, Dublin is his favourite meet

In an interview published today on www.runnerstongue.com three time Morton Mile winner Will Leer (USA) declares our Morton Games to be without a doubt his favourite outdoor meet. Full interview here: 1: Did you make any changes in your training routine/diet from 2013 to 2014?

  • “I view my improvement as an athlete from 2013 to 2014 as further progression and growth as an athlete under my coach Ron Warhurst. And with this progression came more intense workouts, more mileage and more directed work in the weight room.”

2: You set 2 personal bests in 2014 on the outdoor circuit, and 3 records indoors. Do you think you have reached your peak? Or do you think you have many personal best’s left in you?

  • “If I didn’t think there was more in the proverbial tank, I would not be out here any more training my butt off! So, of course I believe I have more personal bests in me. My training partner, Nick Willis, has proven that it is possible to continuously improve in to your 30’s.”

3: What is your favorite workout for improving speed? Have you found a new workout that you think has lead to your recent successes?

  • “Hills. Ronnie has us running hill repeats nearly every single week of our training year. It helps to build strength, improve running efficiency and therefore improve speed. I don’t do a lot of speed specific workouts but hills certainly help me to keep a quick turnover throughout the year.”

4: What is your favorite race? Do you prefer racing indoors or outdoors?

  • “I thoroughly enjoy racing both indoors and outdoors. However, indoor track and field holds a special place in my heart as it is where I won my first national titles in both college and as a professional. Outdoors, one of my favorite meets is without a doubt the Morton Games in Dublin, Ireland. The mile is the focal point of the meet and the fans love to watch us run. Indoors my favorite meet has been the Millrose Games, and not just because I won last year. The energy inside the Armory is one you cannot find any other place in the world.”

5: Do you train indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two?

  • “When I am at home in Los Angeles I exclusively train outdoors. I have spent the past two January’s living and training in Flagstaff, Arizona, and have at times been forced by inclement weather to train indoors. Luckily Northern Arizona University has a fantastic 300m indoor track which makes training there, as Ronnie would say, very nice!”

6: Having been awarded the Sports Beard of the Year Award, would you give any credit, for your wins on the track, to your beard?

  • “I’ve said this many times before, and I would be remiss not to say it here, there is a shocking correlation between my best races of last year and the presence of my beard. When I shaved in early August (I was a groomsman in a few weddings and didn’t want to ruin the wedding photos!) I never really found my stride again after that. Never again shall I make such a mistake.”

7: Finally, facial hair and long locks have always been a part of your look, is there a reason behind this?

  • “My penchant for long locks and facial hair is merely a personal choice. It is a distinguishing trait that is easy for fans not only to identify me but also identify with me. More than anything it is fun!”

I want to thank Chris, from Total Sports US, for making this interview happen, and Will for answering all my questions! Good luck in 2015! (taken from www.runnerstongue.com)