World Athletics presents clubs with 2020 Athletes Community Award

World Athletics Award to clubs:

From grassroots to professionals, 2020 has been a challenge for athletes around the world. It took a lot of work from people behind the scenes for us to be able to keep running, jumping, throwing and walking. To recognise their efforts, it was important for us as a community to show our appreciation of those who have made it possible for us to continue with our profession and pursue our passion for athletics.

There are many people that we’d like to thank – healthcare workers, volunteers, the World Athletics Health & Science team and the International Athletics Foundation and its donors – but in a vote conducted by the Athletes’ Commission among athletes globally, there was one clear winner: Athletics Clubs around the world, for providing athletes with essential support throughout the pandemic. Many local clubs helped negotiate access to training facilities, implemented hygiene protocols for everyone’s safety and where possible even managed to set up local competitions at various levels.

Clubs around the world are so important for the development of our sport, especially at a grassroots level. They are an opportunity for communities to come together as one and to participate in something we all like to do – whether it’s once a week, or on a daily basis.

We’re so excited to be presenting the 2020 Athletes Community Award to all the Clubs around the world. As a token of recognition, we would like to invite any Athletics Club from all World Athletics Member Federations to receive a specially designed winner’s badge for your websites and social media channels – or to print and put up in your club houses.

Congratulations and thank you for all the work you do.

Renaud Lavillenie and Dame Valerie Adams
Chair and Deputy Chair of the Athletes’ Commission.