2021 Membership

Club subscriptions for 2021 are now due. The treasurer and committee fully appreciate the support which our members showed throughout a difficult 2020. Unfortunately it looks like these difficult times are going to continue certainly for the next number of months. The support of the club’s members is vital at this time, the treasurer requests that you might look to renew your membership as soon as possible, please use the online facility which you can locate on the membership section of this website. Membership fees remain as per 2020: €170 for seniors and masters, €140 for juveniles and €120 for third level students and unwaged.

Unfortunately the pandemic meant that all of our fundraising events in 2020 were cancelled. One would question whether it is going to be possible for these events to go ahead in 2021. The club still has to meet substantial commitments with substantial bills to be paid all of which therefore has to be funded from club subscriptions. The committee very much appreciates your continued support.