Brian Flanagan`s Letter from America

Clonliffe`s Brian Flanagan is enjoying his first few months at McNeese College, Louisiana and has settled in well. Brian has send a note to all his club mates:

“Hi fellow Harriers,

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to contact you sooner. Since arriving here six weeks ago now I’ve had lots to do.

Firstly, the weather`s pretty hot. Ranges from 20 odd degrees early in the morning, peaks from 1pm – 4pm at around 36 degrees. Nearly all of our runs are done before 7am every morning. That means crawling out of bed at 5am – 5:30am 6 days a week. Wednesday we get a lie as thats rest day, but I always opt to get up early to get some study done. Running in the heat took only about a week for me to adapt since then its been plainish sailing.

Class is pretty interesting, my major is General Business. All of my classes are in-between 11am and 1pm so I always have plenty of free time to go back to bed after runs and sessions as well as time to study in the evenings.

As far as racing has gone theres been very little. If your wondering why its because Coach has decided to Red shirt me for this cross season. Reason for this is because we actually have a pretty strong XC team this year so the need for me to jump especially in the wake of my injury wasn’t necessary. I had no objection to this. So for that reason hes been getting me to take it pretty easy at the moment and concentrate on track season beginning in January. And in the mean time focus on doing well in the classroom. At the moment I’m managing a ‘B’ in all my classes so he’s very happy with my progress.

Overall life is great and loving everyday of the new adventure, made plenty of friends around campus, some locals, some as far away as New Zealand to Bahrain so thanks to them they’ve made by transition to the deep south very smooth.

Hope all is well back in Dublin. I havn’t forgotten about the Harriers. Working to see if I’ll be able to make it home for a few days over the Christmas break, if so I’ll see you then! All the best.

Nil desperandum,


mcneese flano-mcneese