Tomorrow: Brother Schools Cross Country Final Instructions (please read!)

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 5th sees the annual Brother Schools Cross Country taking place in Santry Demesne Parkland at the rear of the Morton Stadium Santry with a 12 noon start for primary schools followed by the secondary school programme at 1 p.m. Entry is now closed and no further entries can be accepted (except for individuals). Please note no schools entries on the day. Clonliffe Harriers are indebted to our generous sponsor Brother, Fingal County Council for use of the park, St. John’s Ambulance, An Garda Siochana and the men and ladies of Clonliffe Harriers who are giving freely, voluntarily and generously of their time on the day.

Course builders to meet in the stadium at 8.00am. Check in team to meet at 10.45am. Officials/marshals meet for briefing at 11.00am in clubhouse. All to be in position by 11.30am. Anyone prepared to help on the day most welcome indeed!


Date: Wednesday 5th of October 2016 – hail, rain or shine

Venue: Santry Demesne Parkland at the rear of the Morton Stadium Santry

Parking: Morton Stadium Santry

Buses/coaches must park at the Clonliffe Harriers end of the stadium via gate number 3. Please note under no circumstances can coaches stop to allow passengers to alight before they park in the stadium. An Garda Siochana have specifically prohibited the unloading of passengers on the Swords Road. This is a dangerous practice and on health and safety grounds cannot be allowed to take place. Schools are specifically requested to instruct the driver of your bus that he must come into the stadium and park the bus before allowing passengers alight. Regrettably if your school does not follow this specific instruction we will have to sanction your school and not allow your athletes take part in the event.

Check in: No school that has not already entered can be permitted to enter on the day. You have already entered and, therefore, all is required is one representative from you school to go into the Clonliffe Harriers clubhouse and to collect your envelope with your schools name on it. If there are any outstanding fees to be paid they should be paid at this stage.

Check in time: Primary Schools – 10.45 to 11.30 a.m. Secondary schools – 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Race numbers: In the envelope given to you, you will find a sticker with your school identification number on this. This must be struck to the FRONT of your athletes running vest/t-shirt.

Individuals: Any individuals whose school are not taking part in the event may enter and run as individuals. It is simply a matter of an individual arriving and giving their name and paying an individual entry fee of €3.00. You will be given an individual identification number which should be fixed to the front of your running vest/t-shirt.

Toilet facilities: Are located under the stand at the Clonliffe side of the stadium. Toilets may also be accessed at the main reception area of the stadium. Please note, however, that the indoor section to the stadium is closed.

The Track: The track must not be encroached upon by anyone either athletes or spectators. This is to protect the track surface which will suffer severe and permanent damage if someone wearing cross country spikes decides to run on the track. The track is closed. Please ensure that your athletes are advised that they are not permitted on the track.

Venue: Via Morton Stadium, please use the gate at the 100 metres startline at the Phoenix Monument.


Primary Schools:

12.00 5th class girls 1000m (1 small lap)

12.15 5th class boys 1000m (1 small lap)

12.30 6th class girls 1000m (1 small lap)

12.45 6th class boys 1000m (1 small lap)

Secondary Schools:

1.00 Minor Girls 1000m (1 small lap)

1.15 Minor Boys 1500m (1 big lap)

1.30 Junior Girls 1500m (1 big lap)

1.45 Junior Boys 2000m (2 small laps)

2.00 Inter Girls 2000m (2 small laps)

2.15 Inter Boys 3000m (2 big laps)

2.35 Senior Girls 2000m (2 small laps)

2.50 Senior Boys 4500m (3 big laps)

Awards: First three individuals in each race the presentation will be made immediately after each race.

Team Awards: First three in each race. A team is made up by the combined finishing positions of the first four athletes to finish with the team with the lowest score winning. In the event of there being a tie the winner will be declared on the basis of the highest finish of the fourth scoring athlete from the tying schools. A team can be up to 20 athletes, however, please note that there are only ten sets of team medals available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams.

T-shirt: The Brother souvenir t-shirt will be presented to all athletes at the finish of each race. In the event of there being insufficient t-shirts we will make arrangements to have additional t-shirts made.

Best Schools: Brother will make arrangements to make a presentation of a piece of Brother office equipment to the best boys primary school, best girls primary school, best boys secondary school and best girls secondary school. In addition the Lar O’Byrne Memorial Perpetual Trophy will be presented to the best overall secondary school.

Results: A race report together with photographs will be published on the Clonliffe Harriers website the day after the event. The top three individuals in each race will appear on the website together with the top three teams. Please note that results will not be recorded for all finishers as this is an impossibility to do.

Litter: We implore schools to bring their rubbish home with them. Please bring a rubbish sack and appoint someone to be responsible. The volunteers will be at the event from 8 a.m. in the morning and it is wholly unfair that when darkness is falling they are still out there picking up rubbish left behind by schools. This has been a perennial problem and we appeal to all schools to ensure that it is not repeated again this year. Please assist and co-operate on this vital point.

Health & Safety: Please obey the instructions of all marshals at the venue, marshals will be clearly identifiable as they will be wearing high vis vests.

Medical Emergencies: St. John’s Ambulance will be in attendance.

Finally: We look forward to seeing you at the event and wish you and your athlete and excellent day of sport with us in Clonliffe Harriers.

Course Map: