Clonliffe and the return to Morton Stadium

We have now completed our body of work on the return to training Phase 1. Below you will find a comprehensive “Clonliffe manual”. We appreciate that there is a lot to read (there was equally a lot to write!), however the Committee appeals to all our members to read this and follow the guidelines fully. Please also read the Guidance from Athletics Ireland. (All the below is posted with the documents on the Covid-19 page – see menu above, of this web site)

The Government has laid out specific guidelines and criteria which must be met for public health reasons as part of phase 1. This phase commences on Monday, May 18th and provides that groups of four can meet up to engage in sport and training activities however the following must be observed.

You must be within a 5KM radius of where you are training).

You must be within the age categories directed (U/13’s and O/70s are excluded under the current government guidelines)

There can be no physical contact whatsoever between the members of the small training group.

Social distancing of 2M must be strictly observed at all times between members of the training group and the general public.

Please be mindful of other users of the park where you may be training (we are all aware that at present there is an anti-runner bias out there)

Train in a quiet park at a quiet time, we would strongly advise first thing in the morning or late in the evening (please ensure to avoid the hours of 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM)

Please observe coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Please refrain entirely from spitting.

Wash your hands before you leave home to go running, bring a hand sanitiser with you, do not press any pedestrian crossing buttons and if you are stretching do not use a railings or park bench or similar to support you while you stretch.

Do not share drinks, be absolutely careful that your drink bottle does not touch against another athletes drink bottle, do not handle another athletes drink bottle, it is vitally important that cross contamination is avoided.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 do not train, self isolate and contact your GP.

Morton Stadium will be avail for the return of Clonliffe Harriers on Tuesday May 26th.

Athletes and coaches must read the documents here carefully:

Clonliffe Return to training Phase 1 Download

Athletics Ireland Guidance for AthletesDownload

Athletics Ireland Guidance for Coaches Download

Click also for info from Sport Ireland: