Clonliffe splits from national road relays

Apr 11, 2010 [] Splits available for performances of members of Senior teams at today’s National Road Relays.

Terrific weather greeted all participants at today’s National Road Relays in Raheny. Entering 4 Senior teams, Clonliffe fans were treated to many battles within battles that constitutes this always exciting race.

1st: Raheny 2nd: Crusaders 3rd: Rathfarnham 4th: Ennis

‘A’ Team: 5th in 39.21 Dave Fitzmaurice: 4.33/4.47 for a 9.25 two mile leg. Conor Healy: 4.28 for 1 mile. Gary O’Hanlon: 4.56/5.24/5.25 for 15.45 three mile leg. Aidan Bailey 4.45/4.56 for a 9.41 two mile leg

‘B’ Team: 7th in 40.06 Eoin Pearse: 4.46/4.54 for a 9.40 two mile leg. Mark McDonald: 4.31 for 1 mile. Lorcan Croin: 4.51/5.19/5.21 for a 15.31 three mile leg. Jayme Rossister: 5.03/5.18 for a 10.21 two mile leg

‘C’ Team: 15th in 42.40 Brett Paine: 4.49/5.14 for 10.30 two mile leg. Stephen Harkness: 4.43 for 1 mile. Eric McCann: 5.15/5.33/5.43 for a 16.31 three mile leg. Mark McKenzie: 5.31/5.52 for an 11.23 two mile leg.

‘D’ Team: 17th in 43.26 Niall Sherlock: 10.49 two mile leg ( no 1 mile split sorry! ). Graham Mahon: 4.58 for 1 mile. Terry O’Loughlin: 5.24/5.45/5.46 for a 16.55 three mile leg. Joe Cooper: 5.19/5.25 for a two mile leg

The Masters team finished 7th. With three solid performances from Philip O’Doherty (5.00), Declan Power (10.18) and Nigel Brunton (5.06) Clonliffe were always close to the medals, but couldn’t quite sneak one this year.