Coronavirus advice for club members

At the current time all members are referred to the advisory section of  Members are strongly advised to take your advice from official sources only and to avoid taking advice from social media.  All have a responsibility during this crisis to themselves, their families, their club mates and the general population to play a part in limiting and slowing the spread of Coronavirus.  This is chiefly through hygiene. 

The club recommends that all athletes (please parents ensure that younger athlete are informed of the below) note the following points:

 When you arrive in Santry for training please immediately wash your hands with soap and hot water for thirty seconds.

Spend as little time as possible sitting in the dressing rooms with other athletes.

Whilst sitting in the dressing room please try and keep a distance of one metre between you and your fellow athletes.

Do not shake hands or hug – use the trendy elbow pump.

Do not share any drinks or drink bottles.

Bring a packet of tissues with you to training and bring these tissues in your spike bag.  After you have used a tissue immediately dispose of it in one of the bins.

Please, please, please no spitting.

Once you have completed your training session again please wash your hands immediately as above.

Post training showers ought to be restricted to single person use and for as short a period as possible.

Please restrict your time in the dressing room to as short a period as possible and again please try and keep a one metre distance.

If you have to cough or sneeze observe the protocol of sneezing/coughing into your elbow. 

Finally at the present time if you are in any way symptomatic do not come to training.  At this present time it might also be advisable that in the event of you even just having a cold or flu that you do not come to training.

The committee would request that all co-operate and observe the above.