Coronavirus: Important Notice from Athletics Ireland

Clonliffe members please see notice from Athletics Ireland which is fully supported by Clonliffe Harriers. All members are asked to read and take full notice at this time of national importance:

It has come to our attention that a small number of running groups are not respecting the extremely important HSE advice in regard to maintaining a social distance of at least 2 metres between individuals.

During this unprecedented period the health of the nation is at stake and we direct all athletes and coaches under the auspices of Athletics Ireland to respect the expert advice of our health professionals.

Please note the latest advice from the HSE below.

Dear Stakeholder,

As part of the continued national response to the rapidly-shifting challenges of Coronavirus COVID-19, we firstly want to wish you good health and wellbeing.

Most of you will be aware that social distancing measures continue to be paramount and every citizen is being asked to take the necessary precautions. Many of the new materials developed below are helping to get this message out.

Partner Pack
The digital partner pack continues to be updated and can be downloaded online at:
The digital partner pack contains:

  • The most up to date posters on Coronavirus COVID-19 (please display and share these as widely as you can, and please replace any previous posters that you might have used with the updated version)
  • Videos that you can share and display
  • Leaflets, social media assets and more

Key Updates
Here are some important additions and updates for you:

Next Updates Expected
Early next week, the digital partner pack is also expected to include a booklet on Coronavirus COVID-19. We will make this available in a number of formats with different audiences in mind.

For the most up to date information and advice on Coronavirus, please go to:  

We would be grateful if you would let us know if your organisation has any specific requests or urgent needs in relation to Coronavirus COVID-19 public health information materials.  
If you do, please email us at to let us know.

Thank you in advance for your support at this important time.

A reminder be mindful of your mental health during this time, try to keep to a routine, maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and remember social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation.

Covid-19 Health Communications Stakeholder Support

Stay Safe