Covid 19: Updated reminder for Clonliffe Harriers

With the continuing deterioration of the Covid 19 health crisis all club members are reminded to keep up the practices which we have developed as the club over recent months. This is a time when every single one of us must follow the procedures and protocols we have in place. The club appeals to all to ensure that no slippage takes place.

By way of reminder:

Coaches must book their groups into training sessions regardless of where those training sessions take place. We must have the names and contact details of all who train on a particular night.Parents cannot remain at training sessions.

Training groups must be broken into a maximum of 15 per pod. Athletes must remain with the same pod for each training session. Athletes cannot and must not move from one coaches group to another during these times.

Social distancing is vitally important. Athletes should therefore complete the warm-ups in small groups. Please bear in mind that the general public are extremely concerned if they come across a group of 15 athletes running together.

Athletes are requested to wear face masks when arriving for training and taking instructions. Do not arrive at training too early, do not congregate in groups for a pretraining chat or a posttraining chat. Try to observe social distancing as much as possible.

Coaches are advised to wear face masks.

Coaches and athletes are advised to bring hand sanitiser with them and to use this before and after training.

Do not share any items, drinks et cetera.

Again for the foreseeable future no physical contact, no high-fives, no handshakes, but we can smile – behind the face mask of course!

The clubhouse unfortunately remains closed, continue to arrive at training ready to train and when you are finished training put on some dry gear and leave this stadium immediately.

If training in Santry Park, and indeed on the roads, bear in mind that the general public are at this time actually afraid of runners. Please avoid the possibility of confrontation, give members of the public plenty of room and plenty of warning if you are coming past.

All members are referred to the government guidelines applicable to level 3 and in particular the importance of remaining in the county of Dublin.

On the competition front all competition is currently suspended, this includes club races. The cross country season is very much in question, we will update when we have clarification from Dublin athletics and athletics Ireland.

Continue to enjoy your running, it will do your headspace the world of good, continue to be supportive of your clubmates, your coaches and your families. If we all continue to do the right things we will come out of this and things will start to return to normality.