Future Olympian spotted at Clonliffe cold weather training camp

In a behind closed doors cold weather training camp at an almost secret location (the RDS) the Clonliffe U/16s plus one where put through their paces as part of a revolutionary training program. The outstanding performance of the day, and undoubtedly a shoe in for the Mauritian Winter Olympic Speed Skating team, came from Greg Hosseny….words simply cannot do justice to this guy`s command of the ice, particularly when aided by a penguin!

The award for “Most Improved from 12 months ago”- Ross Kearney, for “Outstanding Spins”- Keith Hodson, “Fastest on Ice”- Adam O`Brien and “For Handrail Holding”- Sean O`Leary!!

The final “Bravery Award” to the 5 brave souls who went up in the Arm of Death (see final photo below).  Well done to all 15 of the Clonliffe Winter Olympians, a great laugh all round.

skating 4

skating 2

Aimee skating

Skating 1

skating 3