Gary The Remarkable finishes 5th in World Ultra 50k

Four days post Dublin Marathon Gary O`Hanlon finished in an unbelievable 5th position in the World Ultra 50k in Doha today. Read that again….4 days….5th….50k….Doha, add in 40 degrees!! Remarkable is the word that springs to mind. Gary recorded a time of 3.14.15. On his Facebook page Gary commented: “5th in the world Ultra championships 50k in Doha in 3:14..15 mins outside my irish record in Donadea…After suffering with severe hamstring cramping from mile 16 and 40 mins in A@E on a drip after the Dublin marathon coming to Doha and rac…ing the 50k world championships just 4 days later was quite a risk..The pain I suffered out there today I hope to never experience again as long as I live.From mile one it was like mile 20 in the Dublin marathon.”

Betting has been suspended on Gary finding a road race or two on the way home!