It`s Track & Field time! Etiquette during Clonliffe hours.

Important Notice. Please read the full posting! With the track and field season about to swing into action there is now obviously going to be a considerable increase in the numbers of athletes, across all sections of the club seeking track time during Clonliffe training hours in the stadium. To assist the club captain has as in previous years, assigned the following lanes:

Lanes 1 – 4 middle/long distance groups (any groups/athletes looking to use lane 1 MUST talk to the Captain first, as this lane should be used by the faster athletes)

Lanes 5 – 6 exclusively sprints groups

Lanes 7 and 8 juvenile groups ONLY

Lanes 9 and 10 sprints groups

Javelin starts again this week on the infield (athletes beware)

Hammer/Discus please use the practice cage (when available again,  until then arrangements have been put in place by the Stadium)

Hurdles please talk to the captain and a lane will be freed up

All coaches and athletes are asked to observe this and if for any reason you wish to deviate coaches please talk to one another and the club captain for permission.

In order to ensure that as many groups as possible can use the lanes the following is also suggested:

All warm up and cool downs off track ie on the infield or outside of the track area completely, use the park! Please no jogging in lane 1.

If groups are doing reps they should step off the track for their recovery (checking of course for oncoming traffic!) In other words if there is a group of athletes doing 200 reps they should not hog the whole lane by walking or jogging the final 200. If they do it means on other athlete can use that lane. Please be aware that if you are assigned a lane it`s NOT exclusive usage for the night. To do this we`d need a 20 lane track!

Groups please do not come onto the lane you are using for your rep until you are ready to go. A 30 second countdown is not on!

Coaches please coach from the infield or from the edge of lane 8, not on lanes that are in use.

Athletes doing reps and athletes on the track please be aware of track etiquette and if you are coming upon a slower or stationary athlete shout ‘track’. It is up to all to try and avoid impeding one another, however, if an error does occur and you as an athlete are impeded please draw breath and try to keep calm! Please athletes do not take out your frustrations on a fellow athlete or coach. Please respect all.

Most important. Beware of field events and in particular javelin. These athletes will be training on the infield. It is vitally important that all athletes are aware and alert to this.

If various groups could structure their training so that some are warmed up and ready to go at 7 p.m., others ready to go on to track at 7.30, 8 p.m., 8.15 p.m. etc. all will get better usage of the facility.

In the event of difficulties or problems arising, which over the course of the season undoubtedly there will be a couple of issues, athletes are asked to bring any such to the attention of their coach who in turn will talk to the club captain.

Finally non Clonliffe members please respect the fact that Clonliffe have exclusive use during these times, the track is too busy for the club to facilitate non members during peak times. On an occasional basis Clonliffe maybe in a position to facilitate you but you must request the Captain`s permission in advance. If it is not possible to facilitate you we apologise but please respect whatever decision is made on the occasion.

Good luck to all our athletes for the coming season.