Smile awhile! Clonliffe Juvenile Open Sports

Today was supposed to be the day of the annual Clonliffe Juvenile all medal Open Sports. Unfortunately Covid-19 restrictions put an end to that a while back but rather then being down in the mouth this morning let’s smile as we look back on the sunny times that this fantastic event has provided for the Clonliffe Harriers family.

The Open Sports first took place in 2016 driven by juvenile captain Gladys Cooper. That day fixed the trend with superb sunshine from start to finish. The bright sunshine only bettered by the brightest of smiles from the young athletes who had a magnificent day in a fun environment. That set the trend, which has continued every year since a fun day from the time the tiny tots go onto the track until the event finishes two hours later, usually with either the ever popular long jump or howler javelin. The All Medal Open will return on the 23rd of May 2021.

As they say a picture speaks a thousand words to let’s go with the pictures!

2016 early beginnings Rebecca Fitzsimons with Rhasidat Adeleka
2016, with Georgina Drumm, the then newly elected President of Athletics Ireland
2017: The Clonliffe pack!
Lucan Harriers one two in 2017
Jump to it in 2018
2019 and Clonliffe leads the way
Howler Javelin Thrown

Enjoy the whole set, just click on the links: