This is not a drill. Your club really needs you.

Club members your club really needs you. The earlier general appeal for stewards yielded a response of ONE. As it stands the people who are prepared to steward if no one else will are the same people who are coaching and administering your club. Clearly this is fundenmentaly unfair. What it means is that unless you the club members are prepared to give a few hours then juvenile and junior coaching that day is cancelled as the coaches will be needed in Swords to steward. This is clearly wrong.

We are a club with a membership of 500 yet the same 10 people are expected to do everything. Why is that?

The club appeals to members and parents: we urgently need the member’s assistance for stewarding duties for the upcoming Dublin Marathon Race Series 10 Mile which takes place in Swords on Sunday September 2nd (All Ireland Football day).

This is a very important fundraising event for the club with funding being provided by the Dublin race series in return for Clonliffe committing to provide 30 stewards for this event (in addition the club provides a lesser amount of stewards for the other events in the race series).   It is vitally important, therefore, that we have the support of you the club members for the 2nd of September.

As noted above it is All Ireland Football day but your commitment to stewarding at this event will not in any way impact upon your viewing (or indeed attending) the All Ireland Football final.

The requirement is that the Clonliffe stewards will report to Swords at 7.45 a.m. The race start is 9 a.m., we are stewarding at miles 2 and 7 and will be finished by 11 a.m. (the throw in for the All Ireland final is 3.30 p.m.!)

As this involves on the road stewarding activities all volunteers must be eighteen years of age or over.

Your assistance is urgently required and the club would request that if you are available that you contact Paddy Tuite to confirm your availability as he is the co-ordinator. Please contact Paddy either by text – 086 812 0633 or email

We must submit our list of stewards NOW so please contact Paddy today.

Please also do not expect that others will cover the task. The response to date demonstrates otherwise. Clonliffe Harriers is your club and your club needs you. Please do your bit.