Updated Guidance for Clonliffe members

Coaches and members attention is drawn to the new restrictions announced by the government in the fight against Covid 19 which apply between now and September 13th (see posting from Athletics Ireland and guidance from Sport Ireland). There are particular aspects that affect the club. Club training continues but groups (or pods) are now limited to a maximum of 15, including coaches. This applies to ALL OUTDOOR training not just training in Morton Stadium. Indoor training is limited to 6, to include coaches. Sports events, including athletics, (the Nationals have been confirmed), can continue but strictly on a no spectators basis. It ought to be possible therefor to proceed with the planned 1000 & 3000 races on the 27th. Please note that it is vitally important that social distancing of 2m is observed by all for all pre training instruction, warm up, rest between the session work and cool down. If your training group including coaches is 15 or less continue as before. If your group exceeds 15 it needs to be split. In that case the members of each pod must remain constant until September 13th or later as maybe advised..

Coaches must book track slots for the group 24 hours before the session giving their name, the second coaches name and the name of the athletes who will be at the session up to a maximum of 15 (including coaches) please also supply contact details for all. As per usual the booking is made by email to bookingsclonliffeharriersac@gmail.com . Individual club members not part of a training group can book the 8.30 to 9.00pm slot, again you must e mail with your name and contact details. It is vitally important for contact tracing that everyone adheres to this.

For Clonliffe Morton Stadium use the sessions time slots for Tuesdays and Thursdays have been allocated to all groups as follows:

7.00 – 8.00pm Outside Hammer cage for Throws.

7.00-8.00pm Javelin on infield.

7.00-7.30pm; Philip O’Doherty/Maurice Ahern/Eugene Coppinger (lanes 1-4)

7.00-8.00pm: Gerry Carr (lanes 6 -10)

7.30-8.00pm: Joe Cooper/Peter McDermott/Pamela Cooper (lanes 1-4)

8.00-8.30pm: Mick Fogarty/Noel Guiden (lanes 1-3)

8.00-9.00pm: John Shields/ Ciaran Donohue (lanes 6-10)

8.30-9.00pm; Open for club members, not part of a training group, limited to 15 athletes.

Sundays 9.30 to 11.30am:

Juvenile groups (Lanes as needed)

Lanes 1 to 3: Middle distance groups

Lanes 4 to 10 Sprints groups

(To be discussed and agreed by the coaches on the morning)

It is important that all stick to the rules, again no more than 15 (including coaches) per training group at a time. If your group includes more than 15 please spread the group over Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning if needed. Once again we remind all that it is the responsibility of coaches and athletes to be fully aware of the protocols in place and their responsibilities. Please coaches ensure that every athlete in your group has read and understands the content of our Covid-19 page.

In the interests of all it is not yet proposed to open the clubhouse. Toilets are available in the stadium. No showers at this time, arrive ready to train, and limit as much social congregation.

Please note the following:

There can be no physical contact whatsoever between the members of the training group. (No hand shakes, high fives, hugs etc)

Social distancing of 2M must be strictly observed, for warm up, recovery, cool down.

No social gatherings pre or post training.

Please observe coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Please refrain entirely from spitting.

Wash your hands before you leave home to come training, bring a hand sanitiser with you, do not press any pedestrian crossing buttons and if you are stretching do not use a railings or park bench or similar to support you while you stretch.

Do not share drinks, be absolutely careful that your drink bottle does not touch against another athletes drink bottle, do not handle another athletes drink bottle, it is vitally important that cross contamination is avoided.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or flu like symptoms do not come to train, self isolate and contact your GP.

If you have been out of the Island of Ireland (save one of the green countries) you must self isolate on return for 14 days before you can return to training.

If you live in one of the counties that are currently “lockdown”, Kildare, Offaly, Laois you cannot train with the club at this time.