1500m Grand Prix July 12th

The results for last weeks 1500m Grand Prix Race are set out below,  by time, not sorted by race or finishing position. There were 4 races on the night. The winner in the Grand Prix was Dave Brady, with Declan Bagnall second and Brendan Donnelly third. Fastest man on the night was new member of Clonliffe, Munia Bouziane who tells us he has not run for 2-3 years. He still managed to complete the 1500m in a very respectable time of 4.22. Fastest Lady on the night was Bernie Byrne in an equally impressive time of 5.16.

Thanks to the officials on the night and a special thanks to Richard Connolly for sponsoring the race and prizes. Thanks also to Caroline Tuite, even though Caroline was absent last night, she still ensured through Frank that we were provided with tea,cake and buscuits.

Next race is the 5k on Thursday 26th July on the track at 8.00, we may need two races depending on numbers. The designated officials for this race are Pat Healy, Jim Bennett, Colm Hickey and Pat Timmons. If you are not running, your help as an official would be much appreciated to allow the designated officials to run if they so wish.



Name Time
Munia Bouziane (guest) 0:04:22
Thomas Sherlock 0:04:27
Darren Reilly 0:04:28
Daniel Byrne (guest) 0:04:29
Eoin McCullough (guest) 0:04:29
Conor Keane 0:04:31
Niall Sherlock 0:04:31
Ernie Ramsey 0:04:32
Sean Doran 0:04:33
Gerard Kirwan 0:04:33
Jonathan Bradley (guest) 0:04:34
Gerry Byrne (guest) 0:04:35
Philip  O’Doherty 0:04:36
Clive Ahern 0:04:36
Raymond Dunne 0:04:42
Eoin Murray 0:04:46
Dermot  Kelly 0:04:46
David O’Hanlon (guest) 0:04:46
Colm O’Connor (guest) 0:04:51
Robert Beckett 0:04:52
Desie Shorten 0:04:53
Richard Case 0:04:54
Jeremy  Chapman 0:04:56
Joe hession (guest) 0:04:56
Alan Worrall 0:04:59
Craig Hossenny (guest) 0:05:02
Shane Casey 0:05:05
Ryan Flanagan (guest) 0:05:09
Brian Quigley (guest) 0:05:10
Brendan Donnelly jnr 0:05:12
Pat Timmons 0:05:12
Colm Breen 0:05:13
Gerry Byrne (guest) 0:05:14
Bernie Byrne 0:05:16
Declan Murray 0:05:17
George Maybury(guest) 0:05:18
Ross Conway (guest) 0:05:18
Philip Fay (guest) 0:05:18
Rachel Dowling (guest) 0:05:22
Henry Langton (guest) 0:05:22
Liam Mulready (guest) 0:05:26
Richie Barr 0:05:27
Tommy Ward Fox (guest) 0:05:27
Fergal O’Brien (guest) 0:05:29
Sean McGoldrick 0:05:31
Trevor Wisdom 0:05:32
Terry Myler (guest) 0:05:33
Jim Keogh (guest) 0:05:34
Pat Healy 0:05:36
Emma Dunne 0:05:46
Louise Morgan 0:05:47
Karen Kinsella 0:05:47
Pat O’Rourke 0:05:47
Sinead  Duffy 0:05:47
Richard Connolly 0:05:52
Pat Devitt 0:05:53
Frank Devitt 0:05:57
Aimee Ahern 0:05:58
Aine McCann 0:06:02
Declan Bagnall 0:06:04
Shay Byrne 0:06:09
Terry  Mee 0:06:11
Declan Hetherington 0:06:27
Mary Purdue-Smyth 0:06:32
Shane O’Reilly (guest) 0:06:35
Dave Brady 0:06:37
Padraig Murray 0:06:39
Fiona Hayes 0:06:57