Clonliffe men take Raheny 5 team win

It was a good day for Clonliffe at today’s big road race, the AXA Raheny 5 Mile which drew a bumper entry of some 4500 runners. There was a very good turnout of Clonliffe athletes both in the senior race and in the preceding juvenile races. Ian Guiden led home the Clonliffe contingent finishing in 4th position in a time of 24.02, Sean O’Leary was 6th (24.22) and with Niall Carbery finishing 22nd (25.31) the Clonliffe men’s team finished well ahead of Rathfarnham in 2nd place. Race winner was Ryan Creech (Leevale) in 23.53. The Clonliffe junior men filled the top 3 positions with Niall 1st, in his Clonliffe debut Mahad Mohamed was 2nd (26.44) and Cillian Keegan was 3rd (27.16). The Clonliffe women’s team finished 5th led home by Laura Tuite tantalisingly close to breaking 30 minutes – 30.05, Rachel McFadden 31.55 and Meghan O’Keeffe 32.43. Philip O’Doherty was 1st M 60 in 31.16. . In all there were some 45 Clonliffe athletes competing. Clonliffe results:

4Ian GUIDEN00:24:0400:24:042832MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
6Sean O’LEARY00:24:2200:24:233620MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
22Niall CARBERY00:25:3100:25:32721MMJClonliffe Harriers A.C.
35Karl NOLAN00:26:0400:26:043292MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
64Sean CARRIGG00:26:5500:26:563510MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
79Cillian KEEGAN00:27:1600:27:173860MMJClonliffe Harriers A.C.
100Anthony DORAN00:27:3900:27:401375MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
103Gerard CLERKIN00:27:3300:27:42935MM40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
111Stephen LYONS00:27:5000:27:51908MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
122Eoin KEATING00:28:0400:28:051975MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
150Sean DORAN00:28:2600:28:293969MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
188Mick MCMAHON00:28:5600:29:083191MM40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
199Raymond DUNNE00:29:1000:29:173672MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
201John DONLON00:29:0000:29:182490MM45Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
231Lee DU00:29:3500:29:371603MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
299Matt MCGUINNESS00:29:5800:30:112107MM40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
308Laura TUITE00:30:0500:30:163583FFSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
310Stephen RYAN00:30:1200:30:201588MM45Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
351Peter BISSETT00:30:4500:30:553265MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
404Philip O’DOHERTY00:31:1600:31:314554MM60Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
420Noel O’DWYER00:31:3700:31:412834MM50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
426Laurence MCKENNA00:31:2200:31:432828MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
445Rachel MCFADDEN00:31:4600:31:553673FFSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
528Meghan O’KEEFFE00:32:3200:32:431326FFSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
540Garrett LOY00:32:4200:32:533780MM45Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
609Richie BARR00:33:3200:33:463429MM50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
615Siobhan DEVANEY00:33:3700:33:481034FF40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
844Catherine HARVEY00:35:2700:35:443218FFSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
851Andrew EUSTACE00:35:3000:35:513890MM50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
855Alan WORRALL00:35:3300:35:523769MM50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1001Orla DEIGHAN00:36:3500:37:001929FF45Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1081Paula HORGAN00:37:1000:37:342059FF40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1169Aideen O’CONNOR00:37:4200:38:083303FF40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1252Aine MCCANN00:38:0300:38:413743FF50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1326Barry MCKINNEY00:36:1700:39:171917MM50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1369Yvonne MCDONOUGH00:39:0800:39:322855FF45Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1519Aisling GANNON00:39:5300:40:303779FF50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1556Susan KELLY00:40:1700:40:491368FF55Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1577Ciara O’REGAN00:40:4300:40:591211FF40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
1858Joanne MCCABE00:42:3000:42:451328FF45Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
2148Kieran LYONS00:43:2500:44:44907MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
2224Emer BRENNAN00:43:3100:45:142293FFSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
2314Dermot BRESLIN00:43:3500:45:524633MMJClonliffe Harriers A.C.
2809Melissa CURRAN00:47:3300:49:102833FF40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.

In the juvenile races there were many Clonliffe athletes competing, standout performance was a fine 2nd place with a brilliant sprint finish by Sean Henry. Very well done to all our juvenile athletes, for many it was their 1st taste of road racing.