Clonliffe Night of Miles

On Thursday, the club marks the 62nd anniversary of Herb Elliott’s World Mile Record set in Santry in that original Dream Mile, where for the first time in history 5 athletes ran sub 4 in the same race. While records may not be on the cards tomorrow a night of competitive close racing is very much so. Once again a great response from the club’s athletes to these events sees several races required tomorrow. The men’s mile is generously sponsored by Joe Cooper, and the women’s mile not so generously by Noel Guiden.


8.00 U/15 Girls Mile

8.08 U/15 Boys Mile

8.16 Women’s B Mile

8.22 Men’s D Mile

8.30 Men’s C Mile

8.38 Men’s B Mile

8.46 Women’s A Mile

8.54 Men’s A Mile

Start lists:

Heath check:

Please note that if you are not on the start lists, it means you are not entered. Only athletes on the start list may race. It is not permissible to just arrive and expect to race. Entry is closed. If you have entered but are not now racing please have the courtesy of notifying us the you have withdrawn by text 0879599888.

All athletes/officials/coaches please note:

Do not attend Morton Stadium if you have been outside of the island of Ireland within the previous 14 days.

Do not attend if you have had Covid 19 within the previous 14 days.

Do not attend if you have flu like symptoms or symptoms of Covid 19.Do not attend if you have been in contact with any person diagnosed with Covid 19 within the past 14 days.

Do not attend if you are categorised as being in the vulnerable persons category.

Advice for athletes:

The clubhouse and dressing rooms are not open at this time. Arrive ready to race.

Please complete all warm-ups (with the exception of strides) outside of the stadium.

Do not come into the arena/track until your race is called. You will have an opportunity to do strides on the track before your race starts. Entry at the 100 finish gate. As a guideline entry permitted 10 minutes before your race time.

Please bring hand sanitiser, wipes and your own clearly identified drinks bottles.

Do not share any drinks.

Please please refrain from spitting.

Please no physical contact, no handshakes, no high-fives, no hoax, no hugs (try to restrain yourself!).

Remain lined up after your race so that the officials can record your name.

Do not approach officials looking for your finishing time (this will be published on the club website that night)

All athletes must leave the track using the gate located at the 1500 start as soon as told to do so by the officials (the only exceptions will be the top three in the championship)

Please as soon as you have completed your warmdown leave the stadium.

We must also discourage spectators at this time. The attendance at any venue, including competitors, officials and coaches cannot exceed 200. Bare in mind that there may also be some athletes at training. Also there are contact tracing requirements for spectators. Please therefore do not arrive to spectate, there will be other occasions in the future.

Officials please report to the Clonliffe car park for 7.15 pm.