Clonliffe please be aware of Park users in Santry

The attention of all our members who train in Santry Park is drawn to the need to be mindful and respectful of other users of the facility. In the current climate please be extra vigilant when passing members of the public and ensure social distancing of 2m. We would advise in so far as is possible to use the grass, not the paths, for sessions.

Coaches please advise everyone in your group before each training session to be mindful and respectful of other park users.

Can we avoid doing sessions on the Path? There does not seem to be any difficulty when we use the grass.

All groups warming up please split into small groups and not all going in the same direction. Likewise for cool down.

Please when warming up/cooling down observe social distancing requirements from one another and the public.

If you brush against someone or startle someone, please apologize.

Bare in mind at all times the importance of being friendly to our Santry neighbours.