Events update

Members will be aware that the Government last Friday published its Road Map for Reopening Society and Business. Section 6 of the Road Map deals with Cultural and Social Measures including Sport.  In this Section the Government has indicated that certain sporting activities can resume provided social distancing is observed.

While it can be hard at times to see beyond the current public health emergency, it is important to plan for the future and happier times in athletics. Currently these is no specific reference in the Road Map to Athletics or competitive athletic activity. As the Road Map is rolled out over the coming weeks there may be an opportunity to incorporate competitive athletic activity, possibly initially at Club level, prior to any interclub, regional or national  competition. Clearly the green light for the resumption of athletic activity will have to have approval  from Government, both national and local and Athletics Ireland. On the face on the Road map phase 1 on May 18th allows for groups of 4 to meet (travelling no more than 5km) to meet and engage in fitness and sports activities, maintaining social distancing etc.

Phase 2 (June 8th) may open the possibilities further, with hopefully further advances being made by the country in the fight against Covid-19 the possibility of a reopening of the club in phase 5 (August 10th). The club will take it’s guidance from Athletics Ireland and when such is to hand members will be notified here.

As members will be aware from previous postings in having regard to health concers and ongoing restrictions a number of events have been cancelled/deferred including yesterday’s Clonliffe 2, The Juvenile Open Sports and Morton Games.

Clonliffe has quite a number of competitions for members including Club Championships, Sponsored Events and the Grand Prix series. The Club would like to be in a position, in compliance with any official guidelines and protocols that may issue,  to provide racing opportunities for members in 2020 provided it is safe to do so.  

The Club recognise that racing opportunities will pose considerable logistical challenges and an internal dialogue has commenced, prior to any official guidance issuing, to see what they are and how they might be managed. There may be an opportunity to hold some Grand Prix races later this year. The Grand Prix Committee are looking at a number of scenarios in the event that such an opportunity materialises. As the 2020 Grand Prix series as envisaged is not now taking place arrangements will be made to refund fees paid by the Grand Prix sub committee.   

In the meantime the Clonliffe Harriers wish everybody to keep safe, please follow all HSE guidelines and instructions, and are looking forward to providing opportunities in 2020 for racing provided the green light is given and it is safe to do so.