Grand prix news: the Santry mile this Thursday

The latest round of the club’s popular Grand Prix series takes place on Thursday night in the stadium at 8 PM with the Santry mile. This race which is sponsored by Noel Guiden and has been a part of the Grand Prix since its inception in 2001. Originally the Santry mile was a road mile in the park at the rear of the stadium but in recent years to meet the demands of the athletes is now a track mile race

Being a pretty popular race distance year upon year attracts most of the Grand Prix competitors. On Thursday night the races will be broken into ability and it is anticipated that there will be four or possibly even 5 mile races.

Once again competitors in the Grand Prix are asked to respect the ongoing training in the stadium of the club’s athletes, many of whom are preparing for the clubs competing in the European Champion clubs track and field in two weeks time. Grand Prix athletes are requested therefore to do all warm-ups outside of the track (there is a big park at the rear of the stadium!). When your race is over again can competitors move to the infield to give their name place etc and when crossing back across the track be mindful of fast athletes coming down the outside lanes.

The prize giving for the Grand Prix races will take place as soon as possible in the clubhouse once the results are available. In addition the race sponsor is providing a prize to the first junior athlete (on-time) in the races on Thursday as there will be a number of junior athletes guesting in this race.

The Grand Prix committee looks forward to as many competitors as possible competing in Thursday night’s race. As always if you are not competing please come along and help out with officiating on the night.