It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..

There are two common experiences to which almost all athletes can relate:
1) That elation of achieving a big goal, and
2) The frustration and heartbreak of a race or event that fell far short of expectations (the days
when your body failed you, hitting the wall, dehydration, taking a wrong turn, no mark
achieved in the jumps or throws, or just plain old bad luck!)

We’d like to hear from you about the good, the bad and the ugly. Give us an example of a race/event
when everything clicked into place on the day, be it setting a PB, winning a title or simply meeting
(or beating) the target that you set yourself. Furthermore, we are really interested to hear about the
day when the exact opposite happened, your “nightmare performance” …and what you learned
from it and how you may have used it to make you stronger.

When recounting the latter experience, think of the following:  Why was it the worst race/event ever?
How could I have prepared better?
What did I learn from it?

The equivalent of an A4 page (maximum) is fine, and any photo(s) you wish to share are much appreciated, if they add to the story by email to