Morton Games needs YOU !!

Clonliffe appeals to our members for your assistance with the running of this International Track & Field event by the club. The Morton Games in the only International Track & Field Meet in Dublin and takes place on Friday July 22nd.

We are seeking assistance on two fronts. First on the financial side. This meet costs a huge amount of money to host, athletes have to be accommodated and fed, the cost of travel has to be met, prize money, and then there are the expenses of the event itself, the total costs are considerable to say the least. So far we have secured much needed support from: Athletics Ireland, Fingal County Council, Morton Stadium, Sport Ireland, Aon, Allinaz, Commercial Hygiene Services, The Muscle Clinic, Loki Sports, C & E Products Supplies, Last Lap Café, Behan & Associates, Marathon Mission 2016 and the Dublin Athletics Board.

We have also received the support of club members and indeed our friends from the wider athletics family who have signed up to become Friends of Morton Games. For a donation of €100 or more your name will appear of the event web site and in the event programme. You will also receive 2 tickets for the meet. If interest please e mail

If you or your company/employer would like to sponsor a race at the meet there are opportunities still available. Please also consider becoming a Friend of Morton Games (see )

Finally for Morton Games itself on July 22nd we need as many club members as possible to help out. Jeremy Chapman is the go to man on this, it`s not too early to sign up! He is contactable on Morton Games by e mail:

Nil desperandum.

Noel Guiden. Meet Director.