Notice: advance stewarding commitments to races for 2015

Jeremy Chapman is seeking your assistance:  As members know each year the club asks that you help out with stewarding at various races.  It is important to note that in assisting at a number of these races, particularly our own open races and indeed some Athletics Ireland races and in particular the marathon race series that this represents a vital source of funding in that the race organisers make a contribution to the club.  These payments assist greatly in the running of the club and help reduce the financial burden on members in that without this revenue stream it might be a situation where the annual subscription would have to be increased, something which the committee is anxious to avoid.  Furthermore funding for the club means that there is more funding available for the clubs general athletic activities, for example to assist with the costs of juvenile athletics, with the juveniles having an upcoming trip to England, funding for equipment, funding towards race entry fees and indeed funding towards prize funds for the clubs athletes.

Generally the recruitment process is generally that either Jeremy, Pamela or Paddy Tuite will go looking for people to assist and these pleas go out in group emails and texts and invariably get a poor response. This leads to last minute panic calls and pleas to the same old reliables who continually help fill the numbers at these races.   This quite simply is not fair as it is wholly unfair that the same people are constantly turning up at races.  Indeed it is these very same people who are also the individuals who give so willingly and freely of their time on a voluntary basis to Clonliffe Harriers day in day out as coaches, committee members and so forth.

We are, therefore, appealing through the website and asking that each member of Clonliffe Harriers commits to a minimum of two races from the event list below.  We hope that this appeals to the Nil Desperandum spirit that exists within Clonliffe.  We are hoping to shortly create a link on the website where members can commit to their chosen races by having a ‘stewarding or volunteers page’ which would be updated regularly.  In the meantime, however, maybe you could make a verbal commitment to either Jeremy, Pamela or Paddy Tuite (don’t worry these verbal commitments will be committed to writing!)

The events which the club is committed to for 2015 are as follows:

26th of April – Samsung Night Race – Dublin city centre,  no. of stewards needed 30

14th of May – the Clonliffe 2 Mile – Santry, no. of stewards needed 20

27th of June – Dublin 5 Mile – Phoenix Park, No. needed 8

19th of July – Fingal 10k – Swords, no. needed 35

22nd of August – Frank Duffy 10 Mile – Phoenix Park, no. needed 8

19th of September – Dublin Half Marathon – Phoenix Park, no. needed 8

7th of October – Brother Clonliffe Schools Cross Country – Santry, no. needed 30

27th of December – Christmas Cracker 5K – Santry, no. needed 25
All training groups are asked to assemble in the club hall on Tuesday before training where Pamela, Jeremy and Paddy will be asking you to volunteer for your chosen races. Alternatively select the 2 races, plus a 3rd choice in case 1st 2 are gone, and e mail, or