Notice: Park Etiquette

Members please note that the club has received a formal complaint from a user of Santry Demesne Park at the rear of the stadium.

The complaint surrounds Clonliffe athletes essentially ‘hogging’ the footpath meaning that other users of the park have to give way and step off the footpath. Worse again if the park user is walking in the same direction as the athletes the athletes come up en masse behind the park user essentially swarming all over and around the park user.

If athletes reflect they will appreciate that this is unfair and completely inappropriate. The last thing Clonliffe Harriers want is any conflict with park users, local residents and of course Fingal as the owners of Santry Demesne Park.

The issue does not seem to be a problem when athletes are doing their sessions or running on the grass, the problem really is only when athletes are doing sessions or warmups/warmdowns on the footpaths which are not the widest in the world in any event.

It is requested that all athletes will be mindful of other park users to use the footpaths. Please be more sensitive of the needs of others and if doing sessions try and do them no more than two abreast.  Coaches are also requested to advise their groups of their obligations to other park users before the commencement of any training in Santry Demense.

The co-operation on this issue of all of our members is appreciated.