Race 2 results from the Grand Prix Series (3k Track)

The 2nd race in the Grand Prix series (3K track), took place last night on a chilly damp track. The rain came just in time for the warm up but had thankfully passed over by race time. There were 3 Races on the night, required to accommodate all 60 runners, great to see such large numbers taking part.

The winner in the handicap was Robert Beckett who beat his predicted time by 23 seconds, followed by Dave Dunwoody and then Kevin Dowling. The fastest athlete again was Darren Reilly who finished in 9.34, the fastest lady was Bernie Byrne in 11.43. The actual results/times and the top ten in the handicap are below with the figures beside the top ten names, the amount of seconds they were ahead of their predicted time. In all, only 5 athletes were outside plus or minus 23 seconds of their predicted time.

The leader after two races is Dave Dunwoody by 1 point, followed by Alan Worrall with Paul Carolan in third a further two points back.

Robert Beckett 23
Dave Dunwoody 22
Kevin Dowling 21
Conor Keane 19
Emma Dunne 16
Dermot Kelly 15
Alan Worrall 10
Padraig Murray 9
Pat Devitt 8
Karen Kinsella 8

Darren Reilly 0:09:34
Niall Sherlock 0:09:44
Ernie Ramsey 0:09:46
Conor Keane 0:09:49
Gerard Kirwan 0:09:52
Anthony Malone 0:10:01
Mark Bermingham 0:10:03
Dave Dunwoody 0:10:04
Thomas Sherlock 0:10:09
Sean Doran 0:10:10
Philip O’Doherty 0:10:15
Chris Muldoon 0:10:19
Fergus Keenan 0:10:20
Declan Ryan 0:10:23
Jeremy Chapman 0:10:27
Joe Phipps 0:10:29
Richard Case 0:10:40
Robert Beckett 0:10:42
Kevin Dowling 0:10:44
Eoin Murray 0:10:51
Alan Worrall 0:10:52
Hans DeRaegmaker 0:10:54
Ivan Eustace 0:11:03
Dermot Kelly 0:11:05
Maurice McCrohan 0:11:06
Raymond Dunne 0:11:07
Declan Murray 0:11:12
Stephen Byrne 0:11:16
Paul Carolan 0:11:17
Martin Kelly 0:11:17
Liam Hennessy 0:11:20
Shane Casey 0:11:22
Tom Monks 0:11:24
Colm Breen 0:11:30
Eugene MCCarrick 0:11:31
Sean MCGoldrick 0:11:35
Colm Doran 0:11:37
Bernie Byrne 0:11:43
Richie Barr 0:11:44
Trevor Wisdom 0:11:47
Rachel Wisdom 0:11:47
Jim Keogh (guest) 0:11:59
Pat Devitt 0:12:02
Pat Healy 0:12:26
Pat O’Rourke 0:12:29
Louise Morgan 0:12:31
Claude McMenamon 0:12:37
Karen Kinsella 0:12:38
Shay Byrne 0:12:44
Terry Mee 0:12:52
Aimee Ahern 0:12:52
Emma Dunne 0:12:53
Richard Mannion 0:13:10
Aine McCann 0:13:17
Mary Purdue-Smyth 0:13:28
Declan Bagnall 0:14:02
Martin Cavanagh 0:14:19
Padraig Murray 0:14:46
Dave Brady 0:14:49
Fiona Hayes 0:15:07

The 2nd race in the series was kindly sponsored by physical massage therapist Mark Bermingham. Anyone needing a niggle attended too or want a rub down, please contact Mark on 086 669 1545.Thank you also to all the officials who helped out, not easy standing around on a chilly damp night.

Officials for the next race, round 3 on 3rd May are Anthony Malone, Eoin Murray, Colm Doran and Declan Murray. Again, there is likely to be 3 or 4 races so officials will more than likely be able to run once there is enough cover available.