SSC Running injuries and performance talk next Tuesday

On Tuesday of next week, October 1st, Clonliffe`s Health Care Partner the Sports Surgery Clinic, Northwood, Santry will be attending Clonliffe Harriers to give a free talk to our athletes at 8.45pm. The talk is titled: “An evening of running myths, mechanics and excersise advice” and involves discussing how changing running technique and improving strength can reduce injury rate and improve running performance.

In attendance to make the presentation from the SSC will be John Foster and Neil Welch.

John graduated in New Zealand and has over 20 years of experience in private practice physiotherapy. His sporting involvement includes: New Zealand Olympic Squad physiotherapist Professional basketball team head physiotherapist UK basketball team physiotherapist Sussex Cricket Team Physiotherapist Military Elite Sports Physiotherapist Military Running Injuries Specialist John specialises in running and lower limb injuries.
He developed a running re-education program used extensively by the military and now brings this specialty to the private sector.
He is responsible in the SSC for a new paradigm dealing with exertional lower limb pain termed Biomechanical Overload Syndrome and has been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. John continues to perform research in running form and its relation to various lower limb injuries. He now brings this specialist knowledge to The Sports Surgery Clinic, Ireland where he will continue research on Biomechanical Overload Syndromes and investigation of the link between hip and groin pathology and running technique.
John is a former rugby player and has taken part in several marathons and ironman events so has first-hand knowledge of the stresses undertaken by the body in various sporting disciplines.
Neil Welch is the SSC`s strenght and conditioning coach. Neil has worked as a strength and conditioning coach across multiple sports including track and field .He has extensive experience providing gait analysis to many runners including international triathletes at Profeet gait lab, London.

His current role in the SSC in Santry is as a strength and conditioning coach working with sports medicine physicians and physiotherapists to return athletes to their sports after injury in the world leading groin and ACL programs. He is also working towards his PhD in change of direction biomechanics and developing muscle and tendon loading protocols used in injured athletes.
This is an exciting new venture for Clonliffe Harriers and the club are delighted to have the SSC as our Health Care Partner. This is expected to be the first of a number of such talks in the club and will be of great benefit to athletes and coaches alike. The talk is geared towards the older juvenile athletes (U/16s), junior, senior and master athletes. It is a talk for athletes in every discipline of the sport. We would encourage all interested to add their name to the list on the club Notice Board as places are limited. Once places are allocated and the limit is reached no additional places are available. The list will opperate on a strict first come first served basis. The talk itself will start at 8.45pm sharp on the 1st of October and will last around 60 minutes.