The Dungarvan 10: Possibly the Best 10 miler around?

Mo McCrohan goes to Dungarvan: “How come you have been quiet on the blogs? Many have asked? Well I haven’t gone away you know,as someone once said!

How can you know to speak of running when you do not know to run!(to paraphrase an old quote /cliche!)

2012 was a bleak year for my running.Injured around this time last year,How ever many ways ,physio ,resting.,power walking,power bars ,I could not get going.Every cunning plan I had ,(like Emily Thorne in Series 2 Revenge) went wrong and had unintended consequences!I was over my strains last April and decided to take a session on the wet grass in Santry Demesne(which is not my favourite training area anyway!).One fall and 90 euro later following a trip to the VHI Clinic,I was further back then where I was in January!  

I reached my running bottom of the barrell at the Phoenix Park half when the attraction of my car was preferred to finishing the race!It was a family member who got to the crux, “.maybe ,you just need a rest?”!!

So thats what I did!A few weeks sabbatical ! Then Emily Thorne like,I plotted a return via the Raheny Winter League.Kind of like having  a running affair!My secret bit on the side  on a Wednesday night!So a steady December was followed up by joining coach Philip Doherty’s Tuesday Group.

Anyway,I was back and ready to roll at Dungarvan. If the West gets more than its fair share of the rain clouds blown across the big pond! The Sunny South East gets more than its fair share of rays for reasons I am not sure why?

So,while I left a wet and windy Dublin on Sunday morning,the Sun had its hat on as I crossed the Waterford Bridge! It was windy,but a glorious dry day !

There was lots of parking around the race HQ at West Waterford AC.Race start a half mile jog away.Good dance music blared out to keep us on our toes and as the London side of my character is a stickler for punctuality,I was impressed the  race started  bang on time!

I can’t do much more than repeat my comments on the race,two years ago! It is a very fast course.I can only assume we run in a kind of arc.We go from downhill to downhill without having an uphill in return!There were three water stations giving out bottles of drink and stewards calling out times at many mile markers!

The last mile is a cracking down hill run.I sparked off a Cork boyo and the two of us 6 minuted the last mile to go under 63.!

There was a good quality tee shirt and sports bag at the end.It was then an easy  warm down jog back to the HQ where a copious banquet fit for Royalty was laid on.They must have been cutting sandwiches all night.There were so many tea urns lined up ready and waiting ,it was like a scrap metal convention!

It was great to hear Gary O Hanlon won.Declan Power had a head cold and could not travel.,I repeat ,if you are looking for a 10 mile time.this is a “Carlsberg ad ” race!  

So,its on to Bohermeen ,Meath for me next in early March.Hope it doesn’t go pear shape like last years race for me!

Its good to be back”

Maurice aka Mo McCrohan