Time on your hands?

It’s the one thing we all have plenty of during these difficult challenging days – time on our hands! Well here’s something which will while away several happy hours. Killian Lonergan has put together an updated Clonliffe list of international representation at major championships. Here you will find a list of over a century of Clonliffe representation at the Olympic Games, representation at World and European Championships. The list can be accessed on the “Hall of Fame”, go to “History” and drop down to “Hall of Fame”, you will find the International list at the bottom of that page.

Having spent some time perusing this why not then pay a visit to the Clonliffe ‘performance’ section of this website, go to the menu, find ‘others’ and scroll down to ‘performance’. Here you will find the current all-time Clonliffe performance list. See how you compare with your peers and also with your clubmates from the past.

Still have a bit of time to spare? This is an ideal opportunity for both athletes and coaches to revisit the superb series put together by distance coach Peter McDermott. Visit the ‘coaching corner’ section of the website, again on the menu go to “others” and drop down to “coaching corner”.

After spending a few happy hours doing that, if you still have time on your hands today you can always then cut the grass!

Gotta be a better way for a Harrier to spend time?