Trying day for 1st Round of Juvenile T & F league

It was possibly the worst day of the year, including the winter, for today`s opening round of the Dublin Juvenile track and field league in Morton Stadium today. The heavy over night rain resulted in the cancelation of many junior sports fixtures in Dublin but not for hardy athletes who gathered bright and early in Santry. The rain continued unabated with the temperature dropping and wind picking up making for a trying day for all and sundry.

Great credit must go to the Clonliffe athletes who simply got on with it, particularly the middle distance athletes as the weather caused a considerable over run in the programme meaning that many were in the stadium for 3 hours before they got to race. Credit also to the Dublin Athletics Officials for a great job.

Needless to say in the conditions results notes simply disintegrated so congratulations to each and every athlete from the club today but particularly: U/10 boys 60m 1st Daniel Coleman and 2nd in long jump, U/11 Jonathan Fitzsimons 2nd in his 60m sprint and 3rd 600m, U/12 girls 60m 3rd Sally Sumola, U/12 80m 2nd Michael Coleman with James McDonnell 3rd Holly Roche was 2nd in U/13 80m with Kristin Hogan 3rd Holly was also 2nd in the shot, Girls U/13 600 Emma McDonnell 3rd, Girls U/14 800 Ella Brown 1st with Amy Hodson 2nd,  Ella was also 2nd in the 100, Girls U/15 100 3rd Rebecca Fitzsimons, Boys U/15 800 Cian Bolger 3rd, Girls U/16 800 1st Lauren Carr with Hannah Browne 3rd.

Round 2 of the league, in hopefully better conditions is next Saturday in Tallaght.

15 girls 800 league

(Pictured: U/15 Girls 800 in rain swept Morton Stadium)

Jack Horan

(Pictured: Jack Horan leads the chase U/16 800)


Clonliffe  Results  1st  League  2nd May    
Daniel Coleman 1st 60m 2nd Long Jump U/10
Jonathan Fitzsimons 2nd 60m 3rd 600m u/11
Sally Sumola 3rd  80m U/12
Laura Gallagher 5th  600m u/12
Michael Coleman 2nd  80m u/12
James McDonnell 3rd  80m u/12
Holly Roche 2nd 80m 2nd shott putt u/13
Kristin Hogan 3rd  80m u/13
Emma McDonnell 3rd 600m u/13
Ella Cooley 6th Shot Putt u/13
Kevin Fleming 6th Shot Putt u/13
Ella Brown 2nd  100m 1st  800m u/14
Amy Scott 4th 100m u/14
Amy Hudson 2nd 800m u/14
Aimee Warren 5th 800m u/15
Tess Loftus 6th 800m u/15
Rebecca Fitsimons 3rd 100m u/15
Cian Bolger 3rd  800m u/15
Ben Guiden 5th 800m u/15
Lauren Carr 1st  800m u/16
Hannah Browne 3rd 800m u/16
Marwa Ali 6th  800m u/16
Amy Connolly 3rd  Long Jump u/16
Jack Horan 5th  800m u/16
Stephen Cashin 6th  800m u/16