Virtual challenge, final round.

Eugenia Bateson reports: The final part of the Virtual Challenge already!!  This week was the Standing Long Jump.  Is there no end to the talent of some of these young athletes??

U12 Girls – the small but mighty Sienna Kelly had a very impressive jump of 2.01 meters.  This was matched by her mother’s ability to get a great shot during the jump.

U13 Boys – again brought out the very competitive Aidan Benjacar.  Aidan and the U13 and younger ages will be very eager to get back to Gladys, their coaches and training.  The U12’s and U13’s who have participated in this challenge have certainly shown us that they are keeping fit and healthy during the lockdown.  U13 girls were Cara Connolly jumping 1.7 with Harriett Kenny jumping 1.61 meters.  Cara’s brother James U9 jumped 1.67, good man James.  Sienna, Cara, Harriett, Caoimhe, Ashling, Hannah and Aidan have given great representation of the youngest members of our club during this 4-week Virtual Challenge. Well Done to you all.

U 14 Girls was led by Alexandra Kelly in a jump of 2.01 meters, Rebecca Walsh and Sarah McDonnell both jumped 2 meters with Ali Connolly only marginally behind on 1.98.  I think the constant 2meter rule is well embedded in their heads.  Interestingly Sarah and her twin brother Jack both jumped 2 meters even.  Is that a twin thing?? U14 Boys was Jack McDonnell at 2m, Noah Rossi 1.92 and Sean McHugh 1.91.  

U15 Girls followed the 2m theme with Kate Faherty jumping 2m and Hazel Kenny on 1.64.  U15 Boys was also won with 2m from Devan Morrissey, Mark Goss Keogh on 1.98 and Lorcan Benjacar on 1.9

Well done to all the athletes who took part in this Virtual Challenge, whether you did one challenge of all four it was amazing to see so many of you taking part and enjoying your athletics.  Great days ahead as we come out of lockdown with lots to look forward to.