With 80 days to go Morton Games seeks support

The Morton Games takes place in only 80 days time. In a few short years this meet promoted and hosted by Clonliffe Harriers has become one of the top international sporting fixtures in the country. In so far as athletics in Dublin is concerned it may well be the most important.

The cost of putting on a meet such as this is very substancial indeed and Clonliffe/Morton Games is seeking the support of Clonliffe members. Sponsors are urgently required. Even if you or your company cannot committ to sponsoring an event the meet still seeks support, hence the launch in March of “Friends of Morton Games”

Morton Games is delighted with the continued success of its ‘Friends of Morton Games’. Since the launch of “Friends of Morton Games” in March Athletics fans had been generous with their contributions to the Morton Games.  In return for a minimum €100.00 donation Friends of Morton Games will receive two complimentary tickets for July 24th’s International Athletics Meet and in addition their name will appear on the event website and the event programme.

The Meet Director Noel Guiden said: “Morton Games has been lucky to have a small group of loyal sponsors over the last number of years, we are actively pursuing a number of additional sponsors. Sponsors are, however, thin on the ground, and we wanted to give Athletics followers the opportunity to contribute in a smaller way. With some 80 overseas athletes coming to the Meet and with almost €20,000.00 prize fund and of course the other expenses of the Meet it is a very expensive undertaking and it was our hope that athletics fans would contribute to ensure the continued success of Morton Games by participating in this venture. So far the response has been most encouraging, but as the man says “more to be done”, so please continue to support the Morton Games.”

Individuals or companies interested in becoming a friend of Morton Games are encouraged to get in contact by email to friendsmortongames@hotmail.com

With the support of Clonliffe Harriers members and Friens of Morton Games another wonderful night`s athletics will light up the stadium on July 24th.

So far the following, for which we are very appreciative have become “Friends of Morton Games”:


Dooley Motors, Sleatly Roundabout, Carlow  *  John Cronin, Tullamore Harriers  *  George Maybury, Clonliffe Harriers  *  Paddy Marley, Clonliffe Harriers  *   Killian Lonergan, Clonliffe Harriers  *  Bernie & Pat Dunne, Clonliffe Harriers  *  Joe Cooper, Clonliffe Harriers  *  Ray Flynn, Sligo AC  *  Noel Guiden, Clonliffe Harriers  *  Mick Kearney, Clonliffe Harriers  *  Pamala Cooper, Clonliffe Harriers  *  Peter McDermott, Clonliffe Harriers  *  Frances Mansfield, Clonliffe Harriers