Athlete Rehab Gym nears completion

The new club gym is coming along nicely. Thanks to a National Lottery grant we have converted the cavernous space that was the hall into an athlete rehabilitation gym. Flooring has gone in which not only keeps the place warm but also has had the fantastic effect of getting rid of the echo that was in the hall. Currently the equipment includes a couple of exercise bikes, a cross trainer, kettle weights, medicine balls and a few other bits and bobs. The plan is over the coming months that we will add additional equipment. The idea of the gym is that if there is an athlete carrying an injury who cannot run at least the that athlete can come up to Clonliffe to meet with their coach and more importantly their clubmates and can do a session in Clonliffe on a bike or suchlike. Quite obviously the use of this gym is going to to be closely controlled and restricted. Protocols will be in place to ensure that the gym is safe from an athlete perspective and also from a security aspect.

This exciting development will be a great benefit to our athletes in the months and years ahead. The gym will be open for club members use on training nights when the go ahead is given for the reopening of the club’s indoor facilities.