Clonliffe and Level 3

With Dublin to move to level 3 at midnight tonight there are a few changes that we will have to implement as a club.  The change is not that dramatic but it is vitally important that all fully understand and follow the suggested directives below:

On the face of it no competition is permitted during the level 3 period.

Training may continue with pods of fifteen.  This pod includes not only the athletes but also the coaches.  Please all stick to the limit of fifteen.  If as a coach you have more than fourteen athletes in your group you must split the group into two.  We cannot have a situation where there are twenty or twenty-five athletes training together.  This applies not only to the training session but also to the warmup.

It is advisable, therefore, that groups be split into pods and it is also suggested that the pods should not be interchangeable – in other words if athlete A is in pod A that athlete must stay with that group.  The two groups must not meet, if they are doing the same session they should do it in different sides of the track or on different areas of the park.  They should not meet for warmup strides, stretching or warm-down but must be kept entirely separate.

We must be vigilant in recording who is there at each session with their contact details.  Please, therefore, when you are booking your athletes into a training session (and this is not just for the track but is for any club training session) please make sure you book the athlete with their telephone number. This list is vitally important for contract tracing if needed by the Health Authorities.

It is suggested that all coaches should wear a face mask.

It is also suggested that athletes when arriving for training should wear face masks and continue to wear these masks when they are being given their instruction or are involved in static stretching etc. and only remove face masks when they are starting their warmup/training.

There can be no physical contact whatsoever between the members of the training group.

Social distancing of 2 metres must be strictly observed at all times during the training except whilst actually running – social distancing, therefore, should be maintained between reps.

Socialising before and after training should be basically cut out.

Athletes must continue to arrive for training ready to train. There are no dressing rooms/showers at this time.

Athletes to bring hand sanitiser and to use the hand sanitiser before starting training and immediately upon finishing training.

Athletes to bring their own tissues and wipes.

Athletes must bring their own drinks – under no circumstances can drinks be shared and drinks should be clearly identifiable as to who owns them and they should be kept away from other athlete’s drinks to avoid cross contamination.  Only athletes should handle their own drinks bottle. 

All to observe coughing and sneezing etiquette.

All to refrain entirely from spitting.

No-one can come to training, athlete or coach, if they have any symptoms of Covid 19 or flulike symptoms.  But rather those must contact their G.P. and follow their G.P.’s directions.

Likewise if anyone has been in contact with someone who has had Covid 19 within the previous fourteen days they should not come to training.

If anyone is waiting for the results of a Covid 19 test they should not come to training.

If anyone in the household is waiting on a Covid 19 test then the athlete/coach should not come training until after a negative result.

Anyone who has been outside of the island of Ireland (except from a green list country) cannot come training until fourteen clear days elapses.

For track usage, we will maintain the same training slots for groups. 

Please keep in touch with any of your club mates who may not be around the stadium during these challenging times.