Clonliffe One, Two in Glendalough plus round up

It was an early start in Glendalough, Co Wicklow, for Saturday morning’s ‘Lap of the Gap’ half and full marathons. Needless to say the course could be described as somewhat ‘hilly’, by all accounts it was savage! There was a Clonliffe one two in the half marathon as Tudor Mireca won in a new course record of 70.36. Second-place, all of 14 minutes later in 84.01 was Dave Brady.

On Thursday evening may 19th Sergiu Ciobanu was seconds in the Fota Wildlife Park 5K in a time of 15.18.

Sunday, the 22nd, and a new road race on the fixture list the LSA Peninsula 4 Mile on the North County Dublin coast where 19 Clonliffe athletes were lead home in 10th place by Peter Bissett. Full Clonliffe;

10Peter BISSETT00:23:4900:23:49764MClonliffe Harriers
15Eoin BYRNE00:24:2800:24:28520MClonliffe Harriers
20Mick BERMINGHAM00:24:5600:24:56514MClonliffe Harriers
23Anthony DORAN00:25:0400:25:04534MClonliffe Harriers
32Marie HOWARD00:25:5600:25:57835FClonliffe Harriers
37Declan GRANT00:26:3900:26:40712MClonliffe Harriers
40Mick GLEESON00:26:4500:26:46718MClonliffe Harriers
52Shane ROONEY00:27:2700:27:29823MClonliffe Harriers
53David COMISKEY00:27:2700:27:30524MClonliffe Harriers
56Mary KETTERER00:27:3700:27:39551FClonliffe Harriers
57Laura KERNAN00:27:3800:27:40797FClonliffe Harriers
58Ciar PEELO00:27:3800:27:40580FClonliffe Harriers
63Aisling ANDREWS00:27:5800:28:00793FClonliffe Harriers
74Mark DOWLING00:28:3100:28:33654MClonliffe Harriers
80Eimear GRIFFIN00:29:0200:29:05834FClonliffe Harriers
118Aideen O’CONNOR00:30:4400:30:48576FClonliffe Harriers
121Aine MCCANN00:30:5500:30:59827FClonliffe Harriers
129Yvonne MCDONOUGH00:31:5000:31:55563FClonliffe Harriers
251Lorraine SHERWOOD00:38:3800:38:50677FClonliffe Harriers