Club Membership 2022/ Club Cups

By way of reminder to all Clonliffe Harriers members. Club subscriptions for 2022 are now due. For insurance purposes all members must renew their membership before the end of this month. If you intend competing in any national championship between now and the end of the month you must renew your club membership now. Clonliffe Harriers club membership can only be renewed through the club. Please see the membership section of this website. Once you have renew your membership with the club the club will register you as a member of Clonliffe Harriers with Athletics Ireland. We again specifically requests all of our members to ignore any emails or tweets from Athletics Ireland indicating that membership can be renewed through Athletics Ireland. This is incorrect, Clonliffe Harriers members can only renew their membership directly through the club.

On a separate issue the club are currently trying to collect in all club cups and trophies. With the past two Covid hit years cups have remained out longer then anyone would have anticipated. We are now anxious to get all such cups back so that we can fully plan for the 2022 season. If you currently hold a Clonliffe cup would you be kind enough to clean it, have it engraved if required and return it to the clubhouse as soon as possible. If you suspect you may have won a club cup can you please carry out a search at home. Again we would like to have all club cups which were won prior to the summer of 2021 returned by the end of this month.