Pushing for 60 for 60!

A huge thank you to all our members who have taken part in the 60 seconds with a Harrier series which we have been running for the past six weeks or so. The feedback has been excellent giving all during these days of social distancing an opportunity to “meet” club mates old and new. Keith Pike is the latest to step up to the mark at number 41. We currently have a queue of another 10 in the series to be posted over the coming 10 days but would like to sign off at number 60. If you have already indicated that you would like to take part and have the questionnaire please get it back as soon as possible together with that all important picture or two. If you have not taken part but would like to do so please email clonliffeharriersac@gmail.com. Once we hit number 60 we may well take a little break and run something else which hopefully members will also enjoy. Rest assured that in the event of having sufficient additional interest beyond 60 then we will in due course go with 60 Seconds Volume 2!