Health and Safety Notice: Use of personal headsets

At last night`s Clonliffe AGM the issue of personal headsets was raised from the floor. The meeting noted the implementation by the club of a ban on the use of headsets on the track, outdoor and indoor and the infield, at the club`s 2011 AGM and the continued use of headsets by athletes since. As a result any athlete using a personal headset during Clonliffe`s training time, regardless of who that athlete is, will be requested to leave the track. All club members and athletes training with Clonliffe groups are reminded that the use of personal head sets/ipods and such like in the Morton stadium during Clonliffe training times is strictly prohibited on health and safety grounds. This ban is to ensure the safety of all, including athletes who are actually using such headsets. The Committee appeals to coaches to ensure that athletes in their groups observe this notice and to you the athletes for your co operation on this issue.