U/15s making the best of these Lockdown days

Despite spending over 100 days in lockdown the Clonliffe U/15’s are still alive and kicking! This dedicated bunch of athletes have been training away since the turn of the year, receiving their weekly schedule from their coaches and then following the schedule to the letter under the watchful eye of their ever supportive parents. The training programme devised entailed alternative days of running and then strength work for five weeks and then on week number six a 3000 time trial again supervised by a parent and a verified time on WhatsApp sent to the coaches and carefully recorded. A new program then started on week number seven. Week number 11 again saw the athletes do another 3000 time trial which recorded considerable progress by all concerned. Week number 12 saw all take a well-deserved break to recharge the batteries and get ready for more. Week number 13 saw the group take part in a virtual “Metres for Heroes with Bikerowski ” , a charity event to raise funds for the Jack and Jill Foundation. There were 12 athletes, coaches and a couple of mothers, (willingly one would hope!), dragged into proceedings. The group over the course of seven days of running, walking, cycling and rowing clocked up more than 385 KM resulting in over €300 to date being raised for Jack and Jill (if any club member would like to donate:
https://www.idonate.ie/fundraiser/11401625_bikerowski-metres-for-mini-heroes-page.html ).

So congratulations to this brilliant group of young athletes on your fortitude and your willingness to go the extra kilometre. A huge thank you also to the parents of this group for their help with the athletes training over these last difficult few months for all. The good news is that we are almost out the other end and the club is actively planning for the return of our underage athletes to Clonliffe Harriers on Tuesday the 27th of this month (more on that soon).

Rebecca in full flight
Alexandra & Sienna running for Jack and Jill
Alexandra in action