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Trinity Playing Fields now available for XC training

Joe Cooper has confirmed that Trinity playing fields on Santry Avenue are available from Tuesday the 29th for cross-country training by Clonliffe Harriers athletes.

Coaches and athletes please note that there are strict Covid 19 protocols required to be adhered to by everyone. Coaches must make a booking with with the names and contact numbers of the athletes who will be training with the group. Please when making the booking confirm that the booking is for Trinity (or indeed the track in Morton Stadium or Santry Park). Bookings can only be for a pod of 15 to include the coach. If your group exceeds 15 you must split the group into two pods. No more than one pod can congregate in the same area at Trinity playing fields. Pods must go to separate areas of Trinity for taking up instruction, warmup, stretching and before leaving Trinity. All in the group must bring with them hand sanitiser and their own drinks. Social distancing of 2 m must take place when the pod is doing their warmup. Most importantly of all it is a condition of usage that the toilets and dressing rooms in Trinity are strictly out of bounds. These cannot be used by athletes or coaches under any circumstances whatsoever.


Covid 19: Competition update

As Dublin remains at level 3 all competition events are currently suspended in Dublin county. The club will provide racing opportunities for club members as soon as we are permitted to do so, with the Walker Cup, The Ahern Cup/ Club 10 mile championships and in particular The Historic Clonliffe 2 a priority. Unfortunately cross country events cannot take place in Santry Park, as the Athletics Ireland protocols specifically direct that such events can only take place at a venue which is “closed to the public”, which makes the holding of the Irwin Cup, O’Connor Cup and Horan Cups problematic at this time with the Demesne ruled out. Other avenues are being explored.

The Dublin Athletics Board are keen to ensure that Dublin Cross Country Championships for juveniles, juniors and seniors take place when possible and have dates penciled in: Dublin Juvenile Even Ages (and possibly Dublin Novice) October 18th, Uneven Ages/Juniors/Seniors November 1st or 8th, Dublin Intermediate December 13th. Venues not yet confirmed.

The Nationals are still listed for November 22nd in Abbotstown.

In the meantime Clonliffe members are referred to Covid 19 regulations/advise/restrictions as per Athletics Ireland directions, which were updated by our governing body on the 25th. All are request to read and to follow:

Orna PB’s on the double plus Darren gets a marathon in!

Former Clonliffe Ladies Captain Orna McGinley is clearly in fine across the water. Last week Orna ran a 1500 pb of 4.56 and today in Tooting (Citizen Smith country) went even faster as she ran 4.53.04.

At the other end of the spectrum Darren Reilly, a non Dublin resident, we hasten to add, ran a 2.50.06 Marathon in Shanes Castle, Northern Ireland, placing 4th today.

Athletes please be mindful of other park users

Clonliffe athletes are reminded of the importance of being careful whilst training in Santry Park, particularly when doing sessions. The park is for the use of all, so be mindful of our Santry neighbors especially young children and older people. Please ensure that you give them plenty of room, and if you come a little too close to someone please apologize. Coaches before starting training it would be appreciated if you would remind the athletes in your group.

A Harrier races!

With current restrictions hampering most racing opportunities it’s good to report that David Brady raced tonight in Mondello Park, Co. Kildare in the Thursday Club Stagger 10k where he placed 5th in 36.55. It’s also very important to point out that Dave did not breach any Dublin level 3 regulations as he lives outside county Dublin.

September Memories with Maurice Ahern

Post the Rome Olympic Games of 1960 closing ceremony September 11th the athletic promoters of Europe sought the medal winners of the games and others to appear at their upcoming athletic meetings. Number one on the list of course was the new Olympic Champion over 1500m Herb Elliott. His runaway victory in a new world record of 3 minutes 35.6 sec over Michel Jazy was the talk of the athletic world.

1960 Olympic 1500 Final

Despite the desire of many athletes to return to their far off homes and considering the reduced daylight in Northern Europe and the dropping temperature for night time racing, it was a tribute to the status of the Santry track and the skills of Billy Morton that Herb Elliott agreed to race once more on this day September 22nd 60 years ago.

And so at short notice another Clonliffe Harriers International meeting was organised and again temporary lighting had to be arranged.

I remember but a few of the highlights, Ron Delaney winning the 880yards in 1min 48 sec.  John Thomas putting his failure as favourite to win the Olympic gold behind him to jump 7ft 2 inches that night at Santry and then the magnificent Herb Elliott winning the mile in 3 min 57 sec which was another great performance in late September at Santry.  Gordon Pirie the versatile English runner-cross country international, world record for 3000m, silver medallist in 5000m at Melbourne games in 1956 and one of the competitors on the opening night of the Santry track in May 1958.  Don as he was known came hoping to get for him an elusive sub 4 min mile for the 1st time-running without shoes and with his feet taped he achieved his goal on the red cinders of Santry with a 3 min 59.9 sec time.

I remember where I stood that night at Santry as the crowd roared Herb Elliott home. (Maurice Ahern)

Clonliffe and Level 3

With Dublin to move to level 3 at midnight tonight there are a few changes that we will have to implement as a club.  The change is not that dramatic but it is vitally important that all fully understand and follow the suggested directives below:

On the face of it no competition is permitted during the level 3 period.

Training may continue with pods of fifteen.  This pod includes not only the athletes but also the coaches.  Please all stick to the limit of fifteen.  If as a coach you have more than fourteen athletes in your group you must split the group into two.  We cannot have a situation where there are twenty or twenty-five athletes training together.  This applies not only to the training session but also to the warmup.

It is advisable, therefore, that groups be split into pods and it is also suggested that the pods should not be interchangeable – in other words if athlete A is in pod A that athlete must stay with that group.  The two groups must not meet, if they are doing the same session they should do it in different sides of the track or on different areas of the park.  They should not meet for warmup strides, stretching or warm-down but must be kept entirely separate.

We must be vigilant in recording who is there at each session with their contact details.  Please, therefore, when you are booking your athletes into a training session (and this is not just for the track but is for any club training session) please make sure you book the athlete with their telephone number. This list is vitally important for contract tracing if needed by the Health Authorities.

It is suggested that all coaches should wear a face mask.

It is also suggested that athletes when arriving for training should wear face masks and continue to wear these masks when they are being given their instruction or are involved in static stretching etc. and only remove face masks when they are starting their warmup/training.

There can be no physical contact whatsoever between the members of the training group.

Social distancing of 2 metres must be strictly observed at all times during the training except whilst actually running – social distancing, therefore, should be maintained between reps.

Socialising before and after training should be basically cut out.

Athletes must continue to arrive for training ready to train. There are no dressing rooms/showers at this time.

Athletes to bring hand sanitiser and to use the hand sanitiser before starting training and immediately upon finishing training.

Athletes to bring their own tissues and wipes.

Athletes must bring their own drinks – under no circumstances can drinks be shared and drinks should be clearly identifiable as to who owns them and they should be kept away from other athlete’s drinks to avoid cross contamination.  Only athletes should handle their own drinks bottle. 

All to observe coughing and sneezing etiquette.

All to refrain entirely from spitting.

No-one can come to training, athlete or coach, if they have any symptoms of Covid 19 or flulike symptoms.  But rather those must contact their G.P. and follow their G.P.’s directions.

Likewise if anyone has been in contact with someone who has had Covid 19 within the previous fourteen days they should not come to training.

If anyone is waiting for the results of a Covid 19 test they should not come to training.

If anyone in the household is waiting on a Covid 19 test then the athlete/coach should not come training until after a negative result.

Anyone who has been outside of the island of Ireland (except from a green list country) cannot come training until fourteen clear days elapses.

For track usage, we will maintain the same training slots for groups. 

Please keep in touch with any of your club mates who may not be around the stadium during these challenging times.

Doran wins pre Level 3 club 10,000!

As Dublin spins towards Level 3 Sean Doran left his rivals in a spin as he was a convincing winner of tonight’s Clonliffe Harriers club 10,000 Championship in a nifty 32.19 to take the Bonass Trophy. Sinead Smith-Ahern took the Bonass Cup as the women’s champion.

Tonight’s race was the final installment of a successful club track season and was kindly sponsored by Pat Bonass. Close to 30 athletes lined up on an unseasonably humid September night under the stadium lights. Doran was quick out of the blocks and set a frantic pace as he opening a big gap on the field chased by Darren Reilly and Ernie Ramsey. There and then the race was over and it was only a question of how fast he would go. 25 laps later it was an impressive solo 32.19.


  1. Sean Doran 32.19
  2. Darren Reilly 34.47
  3. Ernie Ramsey 36.23
  4. David Mullen 36.51
  5. Matt McGuinness 37.34
  6. Dave Brady 37.38
  7. James Dunne 38.11
  8. Colm Hickey 38.30
  9. Gareth Loy 38.54
  10. Scott Crowley 39.53
  11. Kevin Dowling 41.31
  12. Colm McDonnell 43.14
  13. Richie Barr 43.18
  14. Tom Monks 43.39
  15. Shane Rooney 43.49
  16. Sean Grimes 44.01
  17. Declan Grant 44.08
  18. Declan Murray 44.36
  19. Adrien Gerard 44.57
  20. Anthony O’Brien 48.10
  21. Colm Doran 51.22
  22. Sinead Smith-Ahern 54.53



With Dublin about to see further restrictions The Walker Cup which we had hoped to hold next Thursday will be rescheduled when possible.

Juvenile training back again on Sunday

Sunday training for Juvenile athletes resumes again on sunday morning 10.00 to 11.15. In recent weeks to facilitate our National Track & Field Championships Sunday training has been cancelled. Gladys’ group will once again be back at it from sunday.

Also Gerry Carr’s group resumes after their break on Tuesday the 22nd at 7pm.

Club 10,000 Instructions & Start List

The club 10,000 championships for the Bonass trophy for men and Bonass Cup for women, kindly sponsored by Pat Bonass, takes place at 8.00pm in Morton Stadium tomorrow, September 17th. Entry is closed. Of you have not entered please note that you cannot run.

Start list:

All athletes/officials/coaches please note:

Please maintain social distancing on arrival, warm up and on leaving the stadium. It is suggested that all wear face masks on arrival.

Do not attend Morton Stadium if you have been outside of the island of Ireland within the previous 14 days, unless a Green list country.

Do not attend if you have had Covid 19 within the previous 10 days or are waiting the result of a Covid 19 test.

Do not attend if you have flu like symptoms or symptoms of Covid 19.

Do not attend if you have been in contact with any person diagnosed with Covid 19 within the past 14 days.

Do not attend if you are categorised as being in the vulnerable persons category.

Advice for athletes:

The clubhouse and dressing rooms are not open at this time. Arrive ready to race.

Please complete all warm-ups (with the exception of strides) outside of the stadium.

Do not come into the arena/track until your race is called. You will have an opportunity to do strides on the track before your race starts. Entry at the 100 finish gate. As a guideline entry permitted 5 minutes before race time.

Please bring hand sanitiser, wipes and your own clearly identified drinks bottles.

Do not share any drinks.

Please please refrain from spitting.

Please no physical contact, no handshakes, no high-fives, no hoax, no hugs (try to restrain yourself!).

Remain lined up after your race so that the officials can record your name, maintaining 2m social distancing.

Do not approach officials looking for your finishing time (this will be published on the club website that night)

All athletes must leave the track using the gate located at the 1500 start as soon as told to do so by the officials.

Please as soon as you have completed the race leave the stadium, (please leave warm down until you get home)

Officials please report to Mick Kearney at 7.30pm.


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